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DURHAM, N.C. – A six-match home stand meets the Duke Blue Devils (10-14, 1-2 ACC) this weekend, as they welcome the Pitt Panthers (3-19, 0-3 WTE) to Duke Softball Stadium for the latter. conference play week.

Due to Friday's bad weather, the series openings have moved up to 12:30 p.m. ET the first park. Saturday will remain as 1 p.m, the final series will continue on Sunday for 12 p.m. The three competitions will be broadcast on ACC Network Extra, which can be accessed via WatchESPN.com or via the ESPN app.

Duke Blue Devils (10-14, 1-2 ACC)
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Pitt Panthers (3-19, 0-3 ACC)
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Need to be aware

  • Duke welcomes Pitt to Durham for the first time in the history of the program. Both sides met in Pittsburgh last season, with the Panthers taking two out of three in the series.
  • The Blue Devils opened AC playing last weekend against North Carolina competition at Duke Softball Stadium. After winning the first two competitions, Duke chose a 2-1 prize to close the series, his first win in the history of the program against UNC.
  • The Grand Final is the first weekend of the conference play Jazmine Moreno, which went 4-to-8 with three duplicates at the plate to go along with a slugging clip. Moreno is one of two Blue Devils who are meeting with at least .400 in the latest five games, and a clip of Caroline Jacobsen there is batting .462 in that stretch.
  • So far behind this plate is a beast, and eight runners were involved in the running of the FPS. She has two games this season with a pair of runners thrown out, both standing as highlights of any game.
  • Duke was one of the best produced by the nations, the 10-year-old Blue Devils in the FPS and another more than last season. The 0.42 increase / game is 10th in the nation. Jameson Kavel The Duke led three people, currently standing 18th and attached to the second in the series.
  • Kavel is a master when he comes to this extra season, and there were nine duplicates and three-dimensionals playing the home race for 13 XBH. There are three duplicates against Kansas by setting the one-game record program. The total of two is double the 16th place in the nation.
  • The collegiate career of Irish is a strong start Deja Davis, as the infrared rookie guides the team with .292 clip, 24 hits and 14 stolen bottoms. She currently has two horrors from the school record to tie any seasons, which Kavel decided last year.

Duke Pitt hosts a Home Stand Out … t
The Blue Devils stay at home for the second weekend of ACP play, hosting the Pitt Panthers at Duke Softball Stadium. The three-game series covers home stand six games for the Blue Devils, which began last week with the ACP open series against North Carolina.

Team Two Against the Painters … t
Pitt is commander 2-1 in the series, and in the first two years in Pittsburgh before the Duke finished the series with a 2-1 victory … Pitt's first trip in Durham this year… Peyton St. George he won a full game in the win, allowing three hits and hitting out seven Rachel Abboud She put her second time at home … Pitt is making a second trip this year for The Triangle, as he was in Raleigh, NC, the ACC / Big Ten …… Challenge Pitt lost the last five games. After The Three Last weekend at Virginia and falling 4-1 to the Liberty on Wednesday.

First Duke wins against UNC … t
After the first two games of the league fell, and a firm 4-2 decision included in the opener, the Blue Devils closed the weekend with a 2-1 win against the Taurus Tar. The victory is the first in the history of the program for the Duke against his competition. The Blue Devils arranged Brianna Butler in the circle, because the game sophomore made a full wear, one-time performance against the Buffalo showed a fourth victory in the season. Kristina Foreman he managed to commit the Duke, driving in both races with a single in the first.

PSA: Do. Not. Run. On. Jazz …
Sophomore inflammation Jazmine Moreno The second person behind the plate this season is for the Blue Devils, throwing away eight ACA runners who wanted to steal. Twice this season, a pair of RTO is recorded by Moreno. Recently, No. 30 pairs of runners out in the opening of Duke series against North Carolina last Friday.

Moreno was not only great behind the plate, but also. The Duke Catcher guided through the first weekend of AC play with 4-for-8 (.500) showing against UNC, recording by duplicate, slugging percentage. With 10 of the games, she meets with a team of .350 with seven hits, three duplicates and four rabbits and only once in 20 battles.

Madness Metzger …
Reilly Metzger his senior season has a good start, standing towards the top of the charts when it comes to offensive production as Duke comes into week two of ACP play. Metzger is second in the team with a .290 clip and seven are running so far this year. In the last 10 games, the Boerne, Texas, is originally battling .304, one of four Blue Devils with an average of .300-plus over that stretch.

In the final non-congress competition in the year, Metzger had a weekend to remember. The player made an average medium .455 utility recorded at the plate, passing 5-for-11 and six run-in and zero strikes. Metzger was the catalyst for three important plays for Duke over the weekend. She drove during the game-ties at the top of the seventh with two against Mississippi State through a saintly plane and then had RBI scope in the seventh against Kansas to push the game to extras. His weekend ended with the single walking in the 7-6 victory against Jayhawks.

Go DJ, That's my DJ …
It is a strong start for the Irish language profession Deja Davis, as the infielder roicie comes into the week with an average staff barrier .293, 24 hits and 14 stolen bottoms. Davis put 4-for-4 together displaying against Central Central three weeks ago, the second performance four victory in the history of the program. She started with a teammate Rachel Abboud in the four hit club, which went 4-in-4 against Boston College on March 17, 2018.

Stud was also a stud on the original routes for Duke, going 14-in-14 in stolen bases, including a pair of 3-to-3 shows to arrange and then tie the game match match. With two other thefts, Davis will connect Jameson Kavel from a record 16 programs last season. Its 14 steals are attached for the second in the FPS.

Jameson twice …
One of the most consistent forces for Bluebell bats this year is sopomore outfielder t Jameson Kavel. Kavel, averaging .282 and guiding the team with a slugging .513, 15 race, nine tables and three-thread, met safely in eight of the last 11 matches.

A day of duplication was there for Kavel in Duke's extra victories against Kansas. The 3-in-3 sophomore competitor went on the plate and drove in two races, and the three goals were two. Due to its duplication, it was the first player in the history of the school to record at least three in a game. Kavel set up his second multi-double competition in the field last Wednesday against Elon.

The Butler at Solution As As Ace Duke …
As the season progresses in the second weekend of ACP play, t Brianna Butler It is one of the best people in the conference. With a best 4-1 record and 1.94 ERA (T9 in ACC), Butler established herself as one of the best choices in the Duke's arsenal of bias, especially after her dominant performance in the league's championship against UNC. The righty spent his second full game of the season, which enabled them to run three games and reach four, including two being swinging in the seventh to win the first against the UNC in the program's history to close.

After five infections without a score against Phoenix Elon last Wednesday, Butler reached competencies without scoring at least 8.1 in a row. While the strike is over, Butler is still over the top with 10 Duke games, going 2-0 with 1.67 ERA, 21 strikeouts and an average against .168 in 29 work inputs.

Triple trouble …
Through the first five weeks of the season, the Blue Devils established themselves as one of the nation's top three squads for tripling. Through 24 games, the Duke has accumulated 10 thirds, standing second in the FPS and exceeding his 2018. total. The second in the conference and the 10th nationally is 0.42 trillion per game.

Jameson Kavel The squad is being led by three shouts of the year, supporting its status as a master of extra tires so far this season (high team 13 XBH). Three of Kavel are ranked second in the ACP and 18th country nationally, while the 0.13 triples / game clip is the third in the series and 64 in the NCAA. There are only two trends away from the single season record, which she set last year with five.

Defense Excellence … t
Earlier this season, Duke put together one of his best defensive strips in the history of the program, without making an error in five direct matches from 2 March against Mississippi State until 6 March at Elon. The stretch of five games is a program record, taking the four-straight competitions last year through the first four games of the Citrus Classic (February 23-24) in Orlando, Fla.

Need, the need for speed …
So far this year the Blue Devils have been scared of the original routes for other teams. 31 bottoms are stolen by Duke, 11 more than they stood through the first 24 games of last season. Three weeks ago, the Blue Devils stood with six theft against NC Central, who decided to record any game of the program. This mark had previously been fixed with five against Penn State on February 17. After recording at least one of four steals last year, Duke has had three to date.

Late Lead = Key Key …
Running the success of the late leader is great Marissa Young squad over the first two years of the program. This year, the Blue Devils are 8-1 when they are headed after five and 9-1 when they are in charge of the seventh. In his two years, Duke is 32-1 when he is in charge after he seized.

On the flip side, Duke has difficulty in trailing him late, going 1-11 when he fell down after five and 0-11 when he lost six. The Blue Devils are still trying to win their first win when they enter the seventh down (0-30). The loss that Elon had for Elon was his first defeat when he entered the seventh in the history of the program.

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