Dull LED! Second quarter negative net worth stocks Huashang and New Century will be removed from the list

The net worth of Huashang and New Century turned negative in the second quarter, and the stock market will be wiped out. (Photo / Retrieved from Huashang official website)

[周刊王CTWANT] Huashang LED factory (6289) announced today (13th) that due to the company’s long-term sluggish operation and the chain effects of the epidemic, war, inflation, logistics, etc. in recent years, despite its efforts, the company continued to receive the single capacity to decline, leading to a report and poor financial performance of the company during the first half of the year, with a negative net worth.

Huashang noted that in addition to continuing to serve existing customers, the company will develop new products to explore new customers and markets, and look for new opportunities for shareholders.

In addition, New Century (3383) also announced yesterday that the company’s financial report shows that the net worth is negative, and the listing needs to be terminated in accordance with Article 50-1, Item 1, Subparagraph 9 of the operating rules The Stock Exchange.

New Century said that in the past ten years, the endless subsidy of the Chinese mainland government and the competition of the red supply chain have affected the LED light-emitting diode industry, and Taiwanese manufacturers have been struggling to operate. In the first half of this year, the post-epidemic shutdown in mainland China affected the global supply chain, and the Ukraine/Russia war affected market supply and demand. In addition, global inflation held back final market demand and slowing of the global electronics industry.

New Century emphasizes that in the face of such a severe operating environment, New Century Optoelectronics will be greatly affected in the end. Given the above factors, even if the company faces market delisting , the company’s current operations are normal, and the cash on the account is still sufficient to meet various operating needs. Under the active efforts of the new leadership and management, the company is actively developing new products , new applications and new customers. It is expected that future operations will be improved. The future The company’s outlook is not pessimistic, and should be cautiously optimistic.

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