Duma Begins Transitioning from Windows and Microsoft Office as Russia Seeks Domestic Software Solutions

Russian Parliament Begins Transition to Russian Operating System and Office Software

In a move to reduce dependence on foreign technology, the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, has started replacing Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office with Russian alternatives. According to local media reports, the Duma has recently acquired 1,800 licenses of the Russian operating system Astra Linux and the office software suite MyOffice, totaling around 52.5 million rubles.

Implemented in four departments of the Duma already, this software transition is expected to extend to the rest of the parliamentary equipment. Astra Linux OS, developed domestically, offers a local alternative to the widely used Windows operating system. MyOffice, the largest office software developer in Russia, provides comprehensive solutions for parliamentary officials and administrative staff.

The decision to switch to domestic software follows Microsoft Corporation’s announcement on March 4, 2022, stating its withdrawal from the Russian market and cessation of goods and services sales in response to ongoing events in Ukraine.

Russian local media reported on Monday (October 2) that the Duma (Duma), or the lower house of the Russian parliament, It has begun to replace the operating system or OS (OS) Windows (Windows) and the foreign office program suite Microsoft Office ( Microsoft Office). With a selection of Russian equipment

St. Petersburg newspaper Vedomosti reported that the council Acquired 1,800 licenses of Astra Linux OS and MyOffice suites for parliamentary officials and administrative staff. with a total value of about 52.5 million rubles.

Four departments of the Duma have now switched to the new software. The rest of the equipment will also be modified.

Astra Linux OS is a Russian operating system. MyOffice is Russia’s largest developer of office software solutions.

Xinhua news agency said that The change to use the software in this country comes after Microsoft Corporation announced on March 4, 2022 that it would leave the Russian market. and stop the sale of goods and services in Russia due to events in Ukraine.

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