Dunchon Jugong Kitchen See Debates… It will be sold out, not to mention unsold.

Jeong Sook-hee, CEO of My Dream Company, explained that the unique 84㎡E, which is controversial for its ‘kitchen scene’, would be an opportunity for someone. Photo = Reporter Hyuk Choi.

#. Mr Kang (52), who has been saving subscription bank books, has recently run into trouble. I was thinking about challenging ‘Dunchon Jugong’ in Dunchon-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, but I heard that ‘the layout and floor of the building are not very good for general sales.’ There is a high possibility of winning because the subscription score reaches 74 points and there is enough money, but it is difficult to make a decision.

‘Dunchon Jugong’ is the place that got the most attention in this year’s pre-sale market. Although this complex stopped working for six months due to contracts to increase construction costs and disputes over commercial areas, it is expected to be transformed into ‘Olympic Park Foreon’, a large complex with 35 floors, 85 buildings, and 12,032 households.

Once again, on the 5th of next month, there are 4786 homes for sale to the general public. Various arguments are emerging as it is complicated with a lot of interest from potential subscribers who have wanted to ‘prepare my own house’ in Seoul for a long time. Among the unique types of 84㎡ that have a high end-user preference, there is criticism that the preference for houses is low because of the ‘kitchen view’ argument, where the kitchen faces each other, and the small apartment has’ to design in a ‘corridor’. style’.

Jung Sook-hee, CEO of My Dream (Photo42) recently <한경닷컴>When asked what he thought about the controversial sign for ‘Dunchon Jugong’ in Dunchon-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, he said, “There are many words for ‘kitchen scene’ and ‘ small size discrimination design’.” It is expected to be sold out, let alone unsold.”

Debate over invasion of privacy… ‘Kitchen view’ · ‘Corridor style’

The part where potential subscribers go up and down the most is the ‘view from the kitchen’. The distance between the kitchen windows facing each other in the unique 84㎡E and unique 59㎡C tower type is only about 3m. It’s kind of facing each other with a kitchen window, but when you open the window, you can see inside the whole neighboring house. In terms of function, ventilation and ventilation are unfavorable, and there are concerns about invasion of privacy after moving in.

Preliminary subscribers criticize, “It’s an apartment worth 1.3 billion won, so is it being sold and breaching privacy?” Some potential subscribers say, ‘You can even see the cooking in the front door’, ‘Members take all the preferred types, and the non-preferred types, such as a ‘kitchen view’ , are left to the general pre-sale subscribers. .

Another controversy arose from the small size. Because of the ‘corridor style’ arrangement. The small houses available for sale in Dunchon Jugong are △11 units of 29㎡ (14 pyeong) for one-room type △ 1160 units of 39㎡ (18 pyeong) for two-room type △ 903 units of 49㎡ (22 pyeong) for two-room type, is placed in 11 out of 85 dongs. Ten homes occupy one floor in the five buildings, which are mixed and arranged with unique areas of 29, 39, and 49㎡. It is a structure where 10 homes in four dongs, comprising 39 types of unique houses㎡·49㎡, share a hallway. The two buildings, which are built with only 39㎡, place 7 units on one floor.


The ‘corridor style’ is a form where several homes share a long hallway on the same floor. Although it is a new apartment in the heart of Seoul and located in the Gangnam district, it has a design that is no different from a general office. Corridor-type flats have the disadvantage of having a smaller additional area than terraced flats, high heating costs, and insecure security.

Representative Jeong Sook-hee said, “The distance between the ‘Kitchen View’ buildings is about 3m, so I think the criticism from some is too much. There will not be a situation where the front house can be seen in production,” he said “It is regrettable because the ‘corridor’ arrangement of small houses is a structure that goes against the times, but it is a part that can be adequately complemented with other elements such as the location of the complex itself .”

He said, “Have you heard of the ‘desire area’? It’s a word derived from the ‘station influence area’, which refers to a flat close to the station. It should be interpreted that there is a lot of interest in the fact that a lot of criticism follows so much.” There are many successful places,” he explained.

“It will be an opportunity for the 40th and 50th generation in the vague 50 point range”

The area expected to be the most concentrated in the subscription is 59㎡ for exclusive use. This area is 1488 out of 4786 general pre-sale households. According to the tenant recruitment notice, the selling price for a unique 59㎡ is 979.4 million to 1.0519 million won. A relaxed intermediate payment loan standard (1.2 billion won) is applied, so you can get an intermediate payment loan.

Representative Jeong Sook-hee pointed out, “The area area that introductory subscribers are most interested in will be the exclusive 59㎡,” and “because all introductory subscribers with low financial power among high-end subscribers aim for the area this.”

Therefore, he said that the unique 84㎡ would be an opportunity for some potential subscribers. The selling price for a unique 84㎡ is 1.236 billion to 1.3204 billion won. It exceeds the standard earned of 1.2 billion for interim payment loans. Since loans do not come out, it means that only lead subscribers with financial power will compete among all lead subscribers. Even within the exclusive 84㎡, introductory subscribers will flock to the exclusive 84㎡A, which has the highest selection, but there is a possibility to avoid controversial areas such as the exclusive 84㎡E.

CEO Jung said, “In the case of 84㎡E for exclusive use, there is a controversy about ‘kitchen scene’, but among the 40 and 50 households that have money, the additional subscription point is 50 points, so it can be is an opportunity for potential subscribers who are ambivalent.” If you lose it, it will be more difficult to win with 50 to 60 points in subscriptions in the Gangnam area in the future, so a strategic approach can be useful.”

Jeong Sook-hee, CEO of My Dream Company, explains about 'Dunchon Jugong' in Gangdong-gu, Seoul.  Photo = Reporter Hyuk Choi

Jeong Sook-hee, CEO of My Dream Company, explains about ‘Dunchon Jugong’ in Gangdong-gu, Seoul. Photo = Reporter Hyuk Choi

There is a lot of talk about ‘Dunchonjugong’, but the subscription is expected to be a hit at the box office. In this subscription, it is expected that bankbooks with a perfect score of 84 points as well as high-priced bankbooks will be crowded. It was predicted that around 100,000 subscription bankbooks would come in.

He said, “Dunchonjugong itself is located in Gangdong-gu, but it is evaluated that the living area is closer to Songpa-gu. Since Seoul subway lines 5 and 9 are nearby, accessibility to Gangnam areas and Yeouido is good. Also, the fact that it is a large-scale living area with 12,000 households The advantage,” he explained, “because the ratio of the preliminary winners is 500% of the supply, so even if the date is not reached closed in the first place, homeless people in Gyeonggi, Incheon, and other regions are flocking to the first place.”

Finally, to potential subscribers who are considering subscribing to ‘Dunchon Jugong’ due to various controversies, CEO Jeong Sook-hee said, “Seoul is a chronically scarce area.” It will be difficult to find supply,” he said. He emphasized, “If you have been dreaming of owning a house in Seoul, it is good to take an interest in ‘Dunchon Jugong’ and give it a try.”

Jeong Sook-hee, CEO of My Dream Company, sang the praises of the piano and ran a music academy for 11 years before becoming interested in real estate. In August 2019, I started real estate business seriously by opening Naver cafe ‘My Dream’. In 2019, it published ‘2020 Korean Investment Trends’, followed by ‘Subscription technology that earns as much as you know’ in 2020. In July this year, the office building ‘Gangnam Rose Lounge’ was opened near Gangnam Station on Seoul Subway Line 2. So far, there are 4,000 subscribers who have won the apartment complex through ‘My Dream’.

an astronaut Housewu (宇), housekeeper (宙), person (人). The symbolism of a house in Korea is unique. The house, which should be a space for living and resting, has become something that makes you feel a sense of relative deprivation if you cannot hold it in your hands together with financial technology at some point. Through ‘Lee Song-ryeol’s Spaceman’, we hear stories related to real estate through people. [편집자주]

Written by Lee Song-ryeol, Hankyung.com reporter [email protected]
Video/Photo = Reporter Choi Hyuk Hankyung.com [email protected]

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