Dunchon Jugong Sales Expectations Reconstruction Not Crazy… Red Light Sales Market

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The Dunchon Jugong Apartment Reconstruction Complex in Seoul, which has about 12,000 homes, started selling, and when I opened the shutter, the atmosphere of the real estate market, which had shrunk, was reflected as it was.

With the expectation that the price of flats will fall further, there is hope that the pre-sale market next year will be difficult to expect.

Reporter Park Jin-jun covered the story.

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Seoul Dunchon Jugong Reconstruction Complex with 12,000 homes.

The general sales report of 3,600 homes, excluding the number of union members, was released.

Around 13,000 people gathered, and the average competition rate was 3.69 to 1.

However, compared to the average 1st subscription competition rate of 15 complexes sold in Seoul this year, it is a poor performance compared to 21.5 to 1.

The market expectation that it would go beyond the teenage days was at least wrong due to its good positioning.


“I thought the ratio would be tens to one, but it would be more than 10 to 1…”

The pre-sale price of 84 square meters, which is a popular balance, was more than 1.2 billion won.

Due to the application of the pre-sale price cap system, it is analyzed that consumers who felt the burden of raising money were hesitant to participate in the subscription, as interim payment loans were not available for apartments worth 900 million or more and won.

In a situation where interest rates are high, there is no room to withdraw money and there is no advantage in gap speculation in a situation where the market price of nearby flats is falling.

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“If you ask how much money you can get from union members, it comes up to 1.4 billion won. You have to pay an additional 200 million earned in contributions.

The new flat sales market is not rosy.

This is because the wait-and-see attitude of demand continues due to concerns that interest rates will rise further.

At the end of October, there were 47,000 flats unsold across the country recently, an increase of 16,000 compared to the previous two months.

Unsold apartments are piling up in the metropolitan area, as well as in Pohang and Daegu.

Apartment sales sentiment in Seoul has fallen to its lowest level in 10 years.

There are many people who want to sell flats and no people who want to buy them, so there is more pressure on real estate prices to go down.

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“Since the interest rate hike is not complete, it is inevitable that this interest rate fallout will continue until the first half of next year…”

As long as the high interest rate trend continues, it is an analysis that it will not be easy to rebound in the new apartment pre-sale market next year.

This is Park Jin-joon from MBC News.

Video commentary: Lee Sang-yong / Video editing: Lee Sang-min

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