Dunchon Jugong special supply subscription average competition rate 3.28:1

Below are some 1:1 archetypes

Olympic Park Foreon (Dunchon Jugong Apartment Reconstruction Project) reaped a record that fell short of expectations in the special supply recruitment. As a result, attention is paid to the general sale to be held on the 6th.

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▲ Outside Dunchon Jugong Model House

According to the Korea Real Estate Agency subscription home on the 5th, 3580 applications were made for 1091 homes in the Foreon Olympic Park special supply subscription held on this day, and the average competition rate was 3.28 to 1.

In the 29㎡ type supplied for the first time in life, 80 people applied for 1 household recruitment, and 629 people applied for the 39㎡ type recruiting 159 households. For 49㎡, 1870 people flocked to recruit 94 households, recording a competition rate of 19.9 to 1. 13 people applied for 3 homes of 29㎡ for newlyweds, and 653 people applied for 203 households of 49㎡. 41 people applied for 28 households in the assistance screening for elderly parents of 49㎡, and 125 people applied for 90 households in the same area recommended by the organization.

“style=” padding: 0px; margin: 0px”>Model installed in the model house

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▲ The model placed in the model house

However, in some cases, the competition rate was less than 1 to 1 even in special supply. Only 45 people applied for 62 households of 49 square meters for households with multiple children. 90 people applied for 301 newlywed households of 39㎡, 5 people applied for 34 households supporting elderly parents from the same area, and 28 people applied for 115 households recommended by the agency.

It is analyzed that the reason why the competition rate for special supply subscription for Foreon Olympic Park is lower than expected is because only small balance models came out as special supply targets. In the overheating speculation area, if the selling price is more than 900 million won, it will not be allocated as a special supply. In the case of the exclusive area of ​​59㎡ or more, the pre-sale price was more than 900 million won, so it was not included in the special supply volume.

Subscription starts with special supply on the 6th, 1st priority application for the relevant area (Seoul residents for 2 years or more), 7th for other areas (Seoul residents for less than 2 years and residents of the metropolitan area), and 8th for 2nd priority application. The winners will be announced on the 15th of next month, and it is planned to move in for January 2025.

Reporter Yoon Soo-kyung

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