Dunpa Yoon Myung-jin I’m going to get out of the one-tool raid game


– Dungeons & Fighters Mechanical Revolution Season 8: The Beginning of War Trailer

Neople director Yoon Myung-jin, who oversees the development of ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, revealed the blueprint of the future ahead of the update of ‘Machine Revolution: The War’. The feedback received from previous live communication is reflected sequentially, and user response gradually turns positive.

According to Director Yoon’s explanation, Machine Revolution: Open War was designed as a situation called ‘Free Raid’ with ‘PRE’ in front meaning good deeds. This position is similar to the Legion but different.

Until now, Dungeons & Fighters has been called the ‘One Tool Raid Game’. Most of the core rewards are concentrated in the raid, and it’s no exaggeration to say that you can’t enjoy the dungeon unless you attack the raid because everything is focused on the raid

Director Yoon said, “I believe that the fun of Dunpa lies not only in raids, but in various factors, such as becoming stronger and stronger in control and equipment specifications through battles with monsters, and clearing difficult dungeons with other people . In the case of raids, Users who feel a burden will enjoy cooperative play with many people. Most of these users do not like the situation where they depend on the power of other users and not they have no choice but to go to what is called a ‘dope’ party, where they only receive prizes.”

Accordingly, it wanted to provide a direction for more users to enjoy content that requires a lot of development power, such as raids, while at the same time providing additional experience in clearing a raid through the process of party formation and overcoming patterns forming a party.

As a result, Bakal Raid provides all the official raids for users who want to enjoy the game without challenging content, but want the fun of overcoming difficulties and clearing the game, where they can get most of the main prizes in small amounts. It can be seen as a device that allows users to enjoy content according to their own taste.

Director Yoon said, “Gaejeon will be an opportunity to experience and familiarize yourself with the actions of Dungeon & Fighter in a form that reduces the burden on a system less than a raid. I expect it will act as a stepping stone that creates opportunities to challenge even raids.”

In Machine Revolution: Gaejeon, according to the role assigned to the content, the reputation requirement was set at a standard of about 34,000, which is enough for users who enjoy Ispinz without much difficulty. Since the level of difficulty or pattern is also designed based on the established reputation, users with a good reputation may feel that it is rather easy.

On the contrary, the official raid is designed with challenging difficulty to provide a sense of achievement. The reputation of the entry and the number of items are also much higher than those of the open battle. In addition, the fight against Bakal will be added, and even if the monsters are the same, different types of patterns and gimmicks are used, and the organicity between dungeons is further strengthened.

Director Yoon also gave an additional opinion about the first server. In the live broadcast of the previous director, he promised, “We are considering methods such as removing some patterns when updating the first server so that we can reduce the job of recruiting new careers and challenge on the same line on the live server.”

However, as a result of an internal review, if the first server and the live server are applied in a different pattern, various problems may arise, so it is very likely that it will not be presented in this baccalaureate campaign. In other words, it is very likely that the first server and the live server will be provided in the same pattern as for baccalaureate.

He said, “I still think the direction promised in the broadcast is right. In the long run, we will provide good services in that direction. For this, it is necessary to strengthen Neople’s own development power. As it is to provide an environment where people can enjoy, we will continue to approach it carefully.”

As a basis for this, the frame dropping phenomenon that occurred abnormally in some patterns of the dragon was corrected. It was an issue caused by skipping some codes, and the environment of the first server was slightly different from the live server.

On the other hand, Director Yoon added the buffer, freezing company, saga, and token-related information at the end of the developer’s note. Adjusted the delay buffer of some skills and expanded the attack range so that the skills could be connected more smoothly, and the Freezing Company numerically compensated for the problem with the leveling efficiency.

He said, “In the case of the buffer, we improved the part where the paid setting is duplicated, but there was a little disappointment with the equipment setting. Since the rearrangement associated with an item is also on coming up, we will prepare well so that user feedback can melt.”

The total swaps for sagas and tokens have been changed from 30 to 60, and the number of times a character can swap from 5 to unlimited. It has been improved so that users who develop multiple characters and users who focus on one character can receive satisfying rewards.

Finally, Director Yoon expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am always grateful for your valuable comments, and have prepared small but useful items for growth through Seria’s special store. We ask for your interest and love in the future.”

In response to the various changes he conveyed, users said, “This is the best decision. I hope the item reorganization will be done soon”, “Isn’t it better to add a new buffer class? “,”Thank you very much for the reorganization saga”,”Dunpa, let’s stop getting sick”,”This season After the improvement in growth efficiency, I am very satisfied. I’m looking forward to the future.” and “It’s still flawed, but it’s great to see the improvement.”

Wonbin Moon, Reporter at Hankyung.com Game Talk

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