Durian prices fall in China after Thailand-Vietnam-Philippines” exported more durian

Nanning Customs House, China revealed that in April 2023, Youyiguan Customs House imported more than 60,000 tons of durian, 3 countries “Thailand-Vietnam-Philippines” exported durian to China. Scrambling for market share As a result, the price of durian is cheaper. The director of the National Council for Peace and Order, Nanning, confirmed that the price of Thai Monthong durian has not yet been affected.

“durian” It is considered the most popular fruit among Chinese consumers. In 2022, China imported 825,000 tons of durian worth $4,030 million or about 132,990 million baht. Of these, China imported 780,000 tons of durian from Thailand, accounting for 94.55% of China’s total durian imports. Most durians are imported by land transport. to Chinese customs in cities bordering Vietnam onlyYouyiguan Pass

On May 15, 2023, Nanning Customs reported that during the durian fruit season from April onwards. The number of durian imports through the Youyiguan border rose to a record high. Youyiguan Pass is located in Pingxiang City-level County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, near Langshen Province. Vietnam It is a land checkpoint that imports important ASEAN fruits from China. and it is the checkpoint that imports the most durian

During the months of Jan. – Mar. In 2023, durians imported through the Youyiguan border reached 61,000 tons, an increase of 633.6% and accounting for 66% of total durian imports in China. In April alone, the Youyiguan border imports more than 60,000 tons of durian. which is higher than the total import volume in the first three months of the year.

rangeIn January-April, Youyiguan border imports more than 120,000 tons of durian. Compared to the period Ion. – Mar. increased by 1. The amount accounted for 39% of total durian imports in China. with increased durian imports As a result, the selling price of durian has dropped significantly.

causeThe main thing that causes the price of durian to fall is the supply of durian in the market. That is, in July 2022 Vietnamese durianallowed to enter China Including in January 2023 Philippine durianreceiveallowed to enter China As a result, the number of durians in the Chinese market has increased and import channels have become more diverse. As a result, there are more durian stocks this year. Therefore, the selling price has decreased and consumption has become more popular due to easier purchasing decisions as a result of the market price mechanism.

In addition, Customs data from Shekou Port Shenzhen city said that Shekou port imported 3,000 containers of durian in April, and that is expected after Philippine durians have entered China. The number of durians imported through Shekou Port will increase.

Mr Phusit Rattanakul Sereereungrit Director General, International Trade Promotion Department She said she received a report from Ms. Wanlada Ratanaphanich, Director of the Foreign Trade Promotion Office (Director of the Foreign Trade Promotion Office) is Nanning City in the city of Xiamen of the People’s Republic of China, the reason why the price of durian in China has fallen, is that China currently allows the import of fresh durian from all 3 foreign countries, namely Thai Vietnamese PhilippineWholesale prices in early May. in

Thai golden pillow, 36-48 yuan per kilogram

Vietnamese golden pillow, 32-41 yuan per kilogram

Philippine Puyat 37-45 yuan per kg

But due to the beginning of the end of the durian season in the eastern region of Thailand, which has gradually decreased, causing the selling price of Monthong in the Chinese market to increase. The wholesale price of Thai Monthong durian on May 16 was about 52-58 yuan per kilogram.but it had no effect on the selling price of Monthong Thai durian. Including durian retail channels such as supermarkets, fruit shops, online shops and stalls, promoting durian sales within the same period. As a result, the quantity of Monthong durian is insufficient to meet consumer demand. As a result, the selling price moved up, so the selling price of durian on the market decreased as well as being linked to more import sources. It is also related to sales volume and consumer demand in the market.

anyway Although Thai durian competitors in the Chinese market are increasing. But there was no significant impact on Thai durian in a short period of time. In this regard, Thai entrepreneurs should maintain the quality of Thai durian from origin to destination and enhance a good image for Thai durian. Increase the competitiveness of Thai durian in the Chinese market.


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