During the negotiations in Brest last spring, the Ukrainian delegation was guarded by Polish special forces.

Representatives of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation, who traveled to Brest to negotiate with the Russian Federation, were guarded by soldiers of the Polish special unit. It is reported by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

The protection of the Ukrainians on the way to Belarus was carried out by the operators of the military commandant’s office from Lublinets, who had collaborated with the Ukrainian special forces long before the war.

According to the publication, after 2014, together with the United States and Great Britain, they cooperated in the development of special squads as a separate type of armed forces in Ukraine. In Kropyvnytskyi commandos from Lublinets trained special units of the Marine Corps.

Flights of Ukrainian VIPs to Brest from the Polish side were controlled by the then head of the Prime Minister’s Office Michal Dvorczyk and Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz.

Also, the Polish special squad guarded the oligarch Roman Abramovich, who was an intermediary in the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations.

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Earlier, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijarto said that the cause of the war in Ukraine was the “defeat of diplomacy”, therefore, the parties must definitely sit down at the negotiating table in order to stop the war.


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