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E-Bullet says heroine found; Troll | E- BullJet Brothers’ Film

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Kannur: The E-Bull Jet brothers, who came on the scene with the desire to make a life story into a movie, shared with the fans the information that got the heroine into the movie. In the new video, they say that the pre-production work of the film has started.

The post is about sharing a picture with actress and model Neeraja. ‘We got the heroine of our film. All you have to do is get the actor with you. ‘ The post was celebrated by the Trolls as usual. Many ask if you are not a hero. The comments go on to say, “If we get Dundumon, who is going to burn down the police station, we can start the film” and “Will the villain be MVD?”

There is more about the movie in the video shared by E-Bull Jet on YouTube yesterday. ‘The director is a friend. The heroes are not us. Our character is played by other actors’ – both said. The fight between the Bull Jet brothers and the Department of Motor Vehicles was a big discussion. Things eventually got to the point of imprisonment and the cancellation of the registration of the ‘Napoleon’ caravan.


The Department of Motor Vehicles had demanded a fine of Rs 6,400 for the modification of the vehicle and a fine of about Rs 42,000 for the illegal modification. But the problem was that they were not ready for it.

English Summary : E- bulljet facebook post saying they found out heroine for their movie


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