EA Games’ position on the gaming industry battlefield How will it be?

in the end EA Games Will it be bought or not ?

but EA Games It has made an acquisition in its own right and may be looking for more deals. In particular, a deal that could support the mobile gaming department. EA Games Two such acquisitions will be made in 2021, the first being Glu for $2.4 billion and Playdemic (previously owned by AT&T for $1.4 billion).

Analysts at Goldman Sachs estimate that there is about a 15% probability that EA could buy it “from increased M&A activity within the video game space,” according to a recent report on the broader tech sector. It’s a small chance to be sure. but more than zero

Analysts value the potential acquisition at $190 per share, which is “in line with recent video game transactions,” well above the current stock price of the company. EA Games almost 50%

Still EA Games It has enough quality content to prove that it will go it alone in the near future.

Wells Fargo analyst Brian Fitzgerald said in the report after its latest earnings EA Games Coming out in May, it said it had a “stable pipeline” (more games from EA Sports, including updates to The Sims, Lord of the Rings, and Bioware franchises), as well as “mobile acceleration.” Growing” is positive for the stock.

so EA Games It may not be necessary to sell yourself to a large corporation to be able to compete in the video game world.


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