EA has released a new trailer for skate. “Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha” emphasizes that the game is still in progress.

Even skate. EA’s new skateboard game is still far from finished, but the team recently released a new trailer for the game. To emphasize that this game continues to progress.

EA has released a trailer showing the gameplay of skate. In the “Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha” version, this means that the game is in early development.

Even the graphics of skate. In the new trailer, it clearly shows that the game is not yet complete. But from revealing the preliminary gameplay As expected, skate. will be as fun as its predecessor, with realistic skateboard physics and hilarious character Ragdoll physics.

“We already told you that skate. is back. And we’re still developing that game! Even though the game is still in the early stages of development. But we want to make this game as accurate as possible. It means that we want “you” to be involved in the game of skate.

In addition, EA canOpen for pre-registration For a chance to test the game. The Closed Beta version of skate. But there is no specific date for the game to begin testing. and emphasize that the game will not be open for testing anytime soon

skate. The new installment has no release date yet. and the official platform

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