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This year’s game includes revolutionary cars built for tighter and more exciting racing, major rule changes with the addition of F1® Sprint, the addition of the Miami International Circuit, and new models for Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi. Bring track updates. To celebrate the game’s launch, EA SPORTS has teamed up with Scuderia Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to take a look at what life has been like for Formula 1®’s top drivers.

《F1® 22″ brings major technological innovations, including reworked physical mechanisms, operability, and tire models that accurately reflect real changes in the event. The game introduces Adaptive AI. This setting can be used to adjust the difficulty of AI opponents to adapt to the player’s speed and skills, making the game exciting at all times. Virtual reality debuts on PC, offering the most immersive F1 yet® track experience. Players can now experience an adrenaline rush from the driver’s seat, either in single-player mode or in multiplayer with friends.

“F1 22 strikes a balance for fans of all levels of racing with challenging, realistic and highly exciting racing moments, while deepening the realism of Formula 1.” F1, Codemasters Senior creative director Lee Mather said so. “We’ve done the biggest overhaul to date on the physics, mechanics and presentation, as well as a host of innovative lifestyle options for new players to enjoy. We’re very excited to be able to bring players into the world of F1, and that’s what we’re doing. The closest thing to the racing world.”

The game introduces interactive cinematic features such as pits, warm-up laps and immersion and broadcast options for safety car leaders to enhance the realism of the event. “F1® 22″ also featured numerous sound changes, including re-recordings, expanded commentary teams in multiple regions, a vibrant soundtrack, and the first licensed soundtrack of the series, featuring a cast of electronic and dance music creators around the world.

The game also launched “F1® Life,” a new custom social hub that gives players a glimpse into F1® A driver’s life off the track. As a multiplayer lobby, players can display their collection of supercars, fashion items, accessories and trophies in this personal space, which can be achieved by completing in-game challenges, leveling up in the Podium Pass, or in Branded store and in-game store. The eight supercars will also offer new gaming challenges, such as flicks and duels, and players will be able to drive them on the track during the Pirelli Hot Lap, recreating the start of a weekend event.

In addition to these exciting in-game innovations, F1® 22″ continues to expand the original features: “My Team” returns with three starting points, and the acclaimed “10-year Career Mode” (10-year Career) mode adds a two-person option, and more In the human game mode, the offline split screen function is added.

To know about “F1”® 22″, stay tuned to the Formula 1 game website, as well as Instagram,https://twitter.com/Formula1gameTwitterTikTok and YouTube.

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