EarFun Technology Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Launch of EH 100 Earphones and UA 100 Portable DAC Amplifier

EarFun Technology, in celebration of their 5th anniversary, will be launching two exciting products on October 2nd. The first is the EH 100, a pair of wired earphones featuring a coaxial design with two dynamic drivers and one BA driver. The EH 100 is a collaboration with Shanling, a company known for their technical expertise. Priced at 12,980 yen, these earphones offer EarFun’s unique sound quality tuning.

The second product is the UA 100, a portable DAC amplifier, also developed in collaboration with Shanling. Priced at 9,980 yen, the UA 100 features two “RT6863” amplifier chips, providing excellent noise characteristics. The DAC chip used in the UA 100 is the ES9038Q2M, from the flagship ESS SABER 2M DAC series, supporting high-quality audio formats up to PCM 768kHz / 32bit and DSD 512 (22.4MHz).

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, EarFun is offering a special campaign from October 2nd to October 15th, where customers can enjoy up to 35% off on several products, including the EH 100 and UA 100. The EH 100 and UA 100 set, originally priced at 22,960 yen, will be available for 14,924 yen during the campaign.

The EH 100 boasts a hybrid configuration of dynamic drivers and a BA driver, allowing for a wide frequency response and detailed sound expression, while the UA 100’s balanced output and high-performance amplifier chips guarantee enhanced audio quality. Both products come with premium features and accessories, such as replaceable sound filters and high-quality cables.

During the campaign, other EarFun products will also be on sale, including the popular EarFun Air Pro 3 and the EarFun UBOOM L, at discounted prices. This is a great opportunity for customers to experience high-quality audio at affordable prices.

Don’t miss out on EarFun’s 5th anniversary campaign and take advantage of the limited-time offer to elevate your audio experience. Grab these extraordinary EarFun products while they’re still available at special prices.

To commemorate the brand’s 5th anniversary, EarFun Technology will release 2DD + 1BA coaxial wired earphones “EH 100” in collaboration with Shanling and portable DAC amplifier “UA 100” from October 2nd. The price is 12,980 yen for EH 100 and 9,980 yen for UA 100 (all prices include tax). In addition, for a limited time from October 2nd to October 15th, a 5th anniversary campaign will be held where the company’s products, including both models, will be sold up to 35% off.

「EH 100」
「UA 100」
Both models are collaboration models with Shanling, who have technical exchanges with the company, and were developed to commemorate EarFun’s 5th anniversary. The EH 100 is based on the “Shanling SONO” and the UA 100 is based on the “Shanling UA2 Plus”, and although they have the same specifications, they have been given EarFun’s unique sound quality tuning.

“EH 100” is a wired earphone with a hybrid configuration consisting of two dynamic drivers and one BA driver. The dynamic driver responsible for the low-mid range uses two types of diaphragms: biocellulose and liquid crystal polymer. A cross-over design was used to smoothly connect the frequency bands in which each component is good, and they were arranged coaxially to follow active performance during quiet periods. In addition, the specially tuned BA driver enables detailed expression in the high range.

The magnetic circuit uses a “triple magnetic circuit design” that improves sensitivity and response performance in the mid-low range, with a double magnetic circuit structure on the outside and inside, with different materials installed on the outer and inner edges. By increasing the efficiency of the magnetic circuit, it is said to show a quick response and a feeling of attack even in the limited space of a small cavity.

Adopt “triple magnetic circuit design” which improves mid-low frequency sensitivity and response performance
The voice coil uses HCCAW (copper clad aluminum wire), which is a lightweight composite material that is mainly made of aluminum and aluminum alloy, and has excellent corrosion resistance and lightness. It is said to achieve high resolution with minimal distortion.

Comes with two types of replaceable sound filters (tuning nozzles). The default black filter produces a natural sound that is aware of the balance of each band and is compatible with a wide range of genres. The red filter is said to create a sound with a dense impression, with a sense of volume in the low range.

The connector uses 0.78mm / 2Pin and can be rewired. The included cable uses 2-crystal single-crystal silver-plated copper-plated wire that is shielded to effectively block external noise, and is thin, soft and easy to handle. Cable length is 130cm.

The cavity is cast from alloy material and engraved using high precision CNC. The surface is hand polished to create a shiny and elegant design. Impedance is 16Ω. The main body weight is 8.6g on one side. Included accessories include a carrying case, silicone ear tips (S/M/L), and double flange ear tips.

“UA 100” is a portable DAC amplifier that has two “RT6863” amplifier chips. Balanced output achieves a maximum output of 195mW, THD + N is less than 0.0008%, and the S/N ratio is 121dB, making it excellent in terms of noise characteristics. In the power supply section, background noise is suppressed by carefully selecting a low-dropout regulator chip.

The DAC chip uses the ES9038Q2M, which is positioned as the flagship ESS SABER 2M DAC series. Audio formats support up to PCM 768kHz / 32bit and DSD 512 (22.4MHz).

Equipped with two “RT6863” high performance amplifier chips
Two types of headphone terminals are available: 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended. Equipped with a USB Type-C terminal, it can be connected to smartphones such as the iPhone 15 and Android series with a single cable, and it also supports USB audio standards. The external dimensions are 50 x 18 x 10 mm, and the weight is 11.5 g. As accessories, a USB Type-C cable for charging etc. will be included.

In addition, a 5-year anniversary campaign will be held for two weeks from October 2 to October 15, where the company’s products will be sold at special prices of up to 35% off. In this sale, the EH 100 and UA 100 set will be sold at 35% off at 14,924 yen from the regular price of 22,960 yen, the EH 100 will be sold at 30% off at 9,086 yen , and the UA 100 will be sold at 30% off at 6,986 yen. Target products and discount prices are as follows.

5th anniversary campaign with a special price of up to 35% off

Products eligible for the 5th anniversary campaign(Regular price → discount price)
“EarFun EH 100” 12,980 yen → 9,086 yen (30% off)
“EarFun UA 100” 9,980 yen → 6,986 yen (30% off)
“EarFun EH 100 + UA 100” ¥22,960 → 14,924 yen (35% off)
“EarFun Air Pro 3” 4 colors 8,990 yen → 6,922 yen (23% off)
“EarFun UBOOM L” 7,999 yen → 6,159 yen (23% off)
“EarFun UBOOM Slim” 4,990 yen → 3,842 yen (23% off)
“EarFun Free 2S” 6,990 yen → 4,474 yen (36% off)
“EarFun Air S” 6,999 yen → 4,899 yen (30% off)
“EarFun Air Pro2” 8,790 yen → 5,714 yen (35% off)
“EarFun Free Pro2” 7,999 yen → 5,599 yen (30% off)
“EarFun Air Pro SV” 8,990 yen → 5,844 yen (35% off)

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