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Earth-shaking and powerful! “Monster Hunter Rise” Announces “Great Sword” and “Slashing Axe” Iron Worm Motion Movie “Monster Hunter Rise”-Bahamut

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Produced by CAPCOM, the Nintendo Switch hunting action game “Monster Hunter Rise” scheduled to be released on March 26, 2021 (Friday), today (21) announced the introduction of the new hunting of “Great Sword” and “Slashing Axe” The video of the move is for players’ reference.

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In “The Rise of Monster Hunter”, players can make full use of the power of the “fly insects” that can cross the hunting stage to perform hunting moves that are larger, more intense, and more vivid than ever. Officials are scheduled to announce the features of 14 included weapons in succession. This time, the “big sword” and “cutting axe” are revealed.

Big sword

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The big sword has a huge blade, every slash has a huge power, and a wide range of attacks, it can also be used for defense in times of crisis.

And the longer the charge time of the great sword is, the greater the power, and the power when the charge reaches the maximum is quite amazing.

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[Iron Worm Silk Moves]Strengthen the knife

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Rejuvenate and accumulate power, make a clean break

Move quickly to the front and retract the knife at the same time.

After closing the knife, the attack power will increase for a period of time.

[Iron Worm Silk Moves]Hunting Blade

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The big sword splits the clouds

Jump forward and attack at the same time.

After the attack hits, it can use a powerful charge cut and a charge drop thrust in the air.

Slashing axe

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The slashing axe can change modes according to different needs.

One is the axe mode that has excellent mobility and can perform heavy blows at the same time. The second is the sword mode with fast attack speed.

After awakening the bottle with a sword attack, it can still exert its effect in axe mode.

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[Iron Worm Silk Moves]Slashing Power

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Turn insect silk into the vitality of the sword

After activation, it will move in the direction of the joystick and quickly return to the slash meter.

For a period of time after activation, the slash meter will not decrease.

[Iron Worm Silk Moves]King Kong Combat Axe

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King Kong attacked, like a broken bamboo

Move forward and attack at the same time.

The action of the King Kong Combat Axe is quite strong, no matter what kind of attack it will not fall back, nor will it be knocked into the air.

Game Information

  • Game Name: Rise of the Monster Hunter

  • The original name of the game: Monster Hunter Rise

  • Game type: hunting action

  • Corresponding platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Release Date: March 26, 2021

  • Suggested price: NT 1890

  • Language version: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / English / French / Italian
    German/ Spanish/ Polish/ Brazilian Portuguese/ Russian/ Korean

  • Number of players: 1 (when connected: 1~4)
    ※ Support network communication play and neighboring host communication play
    ※ If you want to play cooperatively with remote players through network communication, you need to join “Nintendo Switch Online” (paid)

  • Age rating: To be determined

  • Developer: CAPCOM

  • Publisher: CAPCOM

  • Agent distribution: Jiesdeng

  • Official website: https://www.monsterhunter.com/rise/hk/



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