Earthquake, Turkey, tragic, warns under Bangkok, there is a “huge basin” that poses a risk

which usually Rescue people who were injured and trapped under rubble from earthquakes It will be about 2 days or 48 hours to help. If it is released longer the chance of survival will be reduced.

The question is why “earthquake” in Turkey this time leading to serious loss Although Turkey used to have frequent earthquakes.

answer to this question Professor Dr Penneng Wanichchai, a professor at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). and an earthquake expert told “Thairath Online Expert Team” that Turkey is an area prone to frequent earthquakes due to many large “faults”. especially the fault line “Northern Anatolia” and in the past experienced an earthquake of more than 7 magnitude, so a big earthquake in Turkey is not the first time.

But … this case is being called big time. Because the earthquake is approaching magnitude 8, but it is not uncommon. because it is in an area where there is an opportunity to happen

Ajahn Pennueng explains that an earthquake in this cycle is considered to occur twice, the first time is 7.8 and the second is magnitude 7.5, which are considered “no” aftershocks because there is usually an aftershock occurs along the earthquake line. But…the first magnitude 7.8 earthquake can “fault” another earthquake.

“There were earthquakes and they affected a lot. Most of them will occur in the direction of the slip. If shaking magnitude 6, the length of the slide will be at a level of 10 kilometers if it rises to magnitude 7, the length of the affected area is about 100 kilometers, 20-30 kilometers of width. This is the cause of many deaths. Especially in cities with many buildings. and populous the greater the risk.”

Professor Dr Penueng emphasized that If an earthquake occurs near the capital There is a chance that hundreds of thousands of people will die. But in the case of Turkey It is expected that there will be more and more deaths.

According to preliminary data, it was found that “Northern Anatolian Fault” They found that there have been earthquakes greater than magnitude 7 around 8 times in the last 100 years. Southern Anatolian fault which at the moment there is not much information

Violent shaking, beyond the protection of the building structure.

one professor also explains that engineers around the world usually design buildings to cope with earthquakes In earthquake areas repeating at 40% of the G force or acceleration of gravity (acceleration of gravity)

but from the preliminary information obtained local news station It was found that there was a vibration at 2 G or 200%, which is called design support at 40%, but the actual event was 200%, which was much stronger than expected. Or another local news station reports it at 66% which is more than it can accept…this is the cause of the huge loss of life…

Achan Nueng reiterates that the above information is only introductory information. As for the earthquake in Turkey, this time it was nothing more than an ordinary earthquake. In addition to strong shaking Although the building is the best designed. But still can’t take it…

earthquake in Thailand and neglect

when asked about in Thailand the earthquake guru admitted that in the northern area there is a chance of an earthquake measuring magnitude 6 – 6.5 and above anywhere. But…is there a chance it will be as big as Turkey, size 7.8 or not The answer is “no”.

A magnitude 7 earthquake may occur. For example, Mae Lao District, Chiang Rai Province, where a magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred several years ago. At that time in Chiang Rai, the building collapsed, in Bangkok, the building shook…

“What was fortunate then was that an earthquake happened far from the city. If he had been born in the city, he would have been more affected.”

from inspecting fault lines that the Department of Mineral Resources has inspected, including the Mae Chan and Mae Kha Thoen faults, including more than 10 faults Which of these faults have the opportunity to cause earthquakes of magnitude 7 or higher, so the what we should do is be prepared.

“What happened to Turkey? This is normal. Because earthquakes can happen anywhere. just whenever If an earthquake occurs near the city It will cause the loss of many lives. This time in Turkey too. because the vibration was very far, counting 100 kilometers back to Thailand We knew there was a chance of earthquakes along fault lines, but we did nothing…we didn’t prepare the buildings enough to withstand it .”

Bangkok with the possibility of earthquake damage

When asked if Bangkok has a chance to hit like “Turkey” or not, the earthquake guru said that from studying geology in Bangkok discovered that the Bangkok area There is a special difference from other areas. and no fault lines were found under Bangkok

But…underneath the Bangkok area, there is a huge “ground basin”. “Amplifying the intensity” of an earthquake.

Explain that the picture If an earthquake occurs in a distant area And when the tremor arrives, it can be “intensified”, for example, if there is an earthquake in Kanchanaburi or in Myanmar. or the Andaman Sea

When the earthquake hit Bangkok It can be more violent. Affects the building, thinking it “could have a dangerous effect”, especially tall buildings, which are 7 floors or more, are considered tall buildings.

These buildings have a “slow sway” effect and when an earthquake occurs. And being amplified by the “ground basin” can cause “resonance”, meaning that the vibration oscillates with the building’s rocking rhythm. it will cause more vibration with that building swaying in rhythm There are many tall buildings in Bangkok, and the swaying of each building may have a different rhythm. So, there is a chance that the building has the same rocking rhythm as the earthquake. it will take more damage

“In the past, although there was a building control law to design to resist earthquakes. It was enforced in 2007, but the question is whether every building has a correct design or not. according to the model or not As for the pre-2007 buildings, they may or may not have been designed appropriately. and he may not consider some issues There is a chance that he is also weak…” One is Professor Dr

Thai Rath’s online news team reports

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