‘Earworm’ Jina-yu “earns 300,000 by delivering milk at dawn”… life confession

Catch a video of the Olympics recently on the YouTube channel

Jina-yu, a former member of the girl group Bad Kids, who drew a lot of attention for her unconventional title and lyrics during her activities, announced the current situation that she is experiencing hardships in life.

Recently on the ‘Recent Olympics’ YouTube channel, ‘Meet the earwag’, check it out if you don’t know this song. A video titled ‘Member of a girl group that made middle and high school students dance all over the country, the recent situation after leaving the group’ was posted.

On this day, he introduced Jina-yu’s ‘Recent Olympics’, saying, “She is a former member of Bad Kids, the main character of ‘Earwat’, who is known to be a hot topic with a cover video by many of people, and has a special current situation recently.”

Ginayu recalled her popularity in the past, saying, “Every time I went to an event, the energy and shouting was immense. It seems that I feel joy every second.”

Additionally, when asked about his rejection of exclusive songs, he showed no regrets about your choice, saying, “I was embarrassed at first, but at the time, girl groups were saturated.”

In particular, Ginayu drew attention by admitting, “At the time, I hosted three events a day. You must have made a lot of money. But I hardly made any money.”

Jina-yu admitted, “After leaving the girls’ group, I delivered milk every day at dawn for a year to make a living.”

“It was raining or snowing. It started at 2:00 am. However, even though I carried over 150 pieces a day, my monthly income was only 300,000 to 400,000 won. It was given up to half the age of my parents. “I had a part-time job and it started with serving (volunteering), washing the dishes and making sushi,” she said, recalling the past and feeling sad.

He said he currently runs a dog hotel and nursery with his twin, and said, “I’m in charge of the director now.”

He said, “At the moment, I have turned to a trot singer. I have lost contact with my acquaintances because of their reluctance, but I do not regret my choice.”

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