Eason Chan concert public ticket network is on sale in a traffic jam, one hour is not enough to sell 10%

Eason Chan concert public ticket network traffic congestion cannot enter

Eason Chan’s first New Year’s Eve concert of Fear and Dreams held at the Red Pavilion in December, tickets are on sale from 10am today. Although there was no priority to book tickets this time, and more than 50% of the tickets were reserved for public sale, many netizens complained that the ticket website website and the app were already packed with traffic in the morning. Do not talk to buy flying, even the load can not be loaded. The editor started trying to log in to the website at 9 o’clock today, but I couldn’t get in for a few hours!

At about 11:00, I finally saw the website for buying leaflets, The data showed that only 4,000 leaflets were sold among the 58,000 leaflets, which is not enough for 10% of the whole! Obviously due to poor handling and affecting sales.


Eason Chan concert public ticket network is on sale in a traffic jam, one hour is not enough to sell 10%

This is not the first time the ticketing network has been stuck in traffic. Tickets for the MIRROR concert in the Red Hall went on sale in May this year. Many mirror fans were unable to connect to a system. There are more than 7,000 pieces, and it will take 12 hours to sell them first.

Originally, Eason’s concert was held this time in 2019, but it was canceled due to the social atmosphere at that time, and the new corona epidemic made the show even more indefinite. Before Eason participated in the “Xinjiang Cotton” event, he also threatened Wu Shao’s fans not to buy it. This concert is tentatively scheduled for 18 performances, because the number of tickets bought by the public is high, and the port with the mainland is not fully opened, so it will fewer Eason fans on the mainland competing for share. people thought that the difficulty of buying a plane would not be as high as before.

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