East and west coast strong wind warning due to North Korean weather influence Nan Madol

North Korea will be mostly sunny on the 19th, but the East Coast of South Hamgyong Province will be cloudy and rainy until the morning, the Korea Meteorological Administration predicted.

The Chosun Central Broadcasting System issued a ‘Strong Wind Warning’ saying that strong winds of 10 m/s or more will blow in most of the east and west coast areas until dawn on the 20th due to the influence of Typhoon No. Take safety measures,” he urged.

In addition, the minimum temperature in Pyongyang this morning was 18 degrees, 3 degrees higher than normal, and it was predicted that the maximum temperature during the day would rise to 24 degrees.

Below is the weather forecast for each region as reported by the Korea Meteorological Administration. (Weather and chance of precipitation from the afternoon)
▲ Pyongyang: Sunny, 24, 0
▲ Haeju : sunny, 24, 0
▲ Personality: Cloudy, 27, 20
▲ Hamheung: Sunny, 26, 0
▲ Cheongjin: Clear, 22, 0
▲ Middle river: Sunny, 20, 0

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