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Original title: Seriously | How come the colder the weather, the more I want to wear sneakers?

There are many beautiful shoes in the cabinet, but when you go out, you will always want to wear those few pairs. I believe many “centipede spirits” feel the same way? In fact, sometimes our beautiful shoes are the same as our boyfriends’ limited edition hands—the collection meaning is greater than the practical meaning.

Good wear and versatile tasks should be handed over to sneakers to complete. Especially in winter, it takes courage to put your feet into those cold and hard boots. In contrast, warm and soft sneakers are too tempting.


Doesn’t the editor always say that I am afraid of wearing gray and black in winter? So when you choose winter items, you will consciously choose bright colors, and the result is that winter wardrobes are more colorful than summer ones.

Colored sneakers are a very refreshing item, even if you are lazy to wear black, stepping on a pair of bright colors is the finishing touch. If you are like the one above, you may as well try it boldly. The effect is gratifying.

This street shot is very classic, and now it looks fashionable when it is moved out. Street style mix and match fashion style, it’s amazing!

The popular sneaker styles are more “thick” than the small white shoes that were popular a few years ago. Wearing it in summer will look big, but wearing it in winter is just right. It can hold all kinds of heavy coats without being top-heavy.

Girls with a little heart can also have them, such as a coat with fluttering accessories, plus cute things to steal the spotlight, super harmonious.



Whether it’s a bag or clothes, a high-profile and individual style is good, but in terms of practicality, you have to look at the basic model, so when the budget is limited, most people will choose it.

The same goes for sneakers. Colored shoes still have certain restrictions. If you want to be a pure lazy person, remember to refer to the following styles.

Take a look, a pair of black and white color matching sneakers, with two Looks, the styles are not the same, they all look harmonious.

It can also make the collocation that was not so logical, reasonable, because are you wearing sneakers anyway? Isn’t it suitable for everything?

In fact, many fashion elites used the configuration of various exquisite high heels in previous years to match seemingly casual sneakers. The feeling from head to toe is lighter, and the feeling of concave shape is also less.

A chic and handsome long coat with sweatpants and sneakers. This way of dressing is especially suitable for large and tall people to try. It is a match that is not easy to make mistakes.

However, there are still small Tips to pay attention to. The adjustment effect of sneakers on body proportions is definitely weaker than that of various high heels, especially for small girls, so the matching items should be as suitable as possible. The wide-leg pants piled on the shoes swallowed.



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