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Easy with vinegar, baking soda, etc. !? How to remove mold from wallpaper –Weathernews

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2021/05/30 07:12 Weathernews

Mold is a concern in the rainy season. In particular, the mold that grows on the wallpaper may hesitate to process it. Kengo Suzuki, a Kajitaku supplier team that develops housekeeping services nationwide, will teach you how to remove mold from your wallpaper.


Have you ever experienced mold growing when you noticed the rainy season? It can be found on wallpaper, such as in the corners of rooms or behind furniture.

“There are various conditions under which mold grows, but humidity has a major effect. Ventilation of the room is effective for prevention, but the humidity is high outdoors in the rainy season. Also, in daily life such as drying the room and cooking. Humidity also tends to rise. The wallpaper contains water and causes mold to grow. “(Mr. Suzuki)

Leaving mold on it isn’t just bad looking.

“If left untreated, the mold will not only spread, but it will take root deeply, which is troublesome. In addition, mold spores may cause allergies and the number of mites to feed on may increase, which may adversely affect health. Yes, it’s better to process it as soon as possible. “(Mr. Suzuki)


It is a familiar item that you can find in any home, and it is said that you can remove mold that grows on your wallpaper.

“Prepare with vinegar and then remove with baking soda. For sterilization, spray rubbing alcohol and dry thoroughly. This will treat the mold itself, but the pigment will remain. There is also.

For further treatment, use chlorine bleach or mildew remover, depending on the wallpaper material. The point is whether the wallpaper sucks water or not. The wallpaper around the water in the washroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. is a type that does not absorb water. Vinyl cloth also does not absorb water. Cloth cloth is a type that absorbs water. You can check it by touching it with a wet finger or spraying a small amount. “(Mr. Suzuki)

▼ What to prepare
Vinegar, water, baking soda, ethanol for disinfection, spray bottles, rags, etc.

▼ Preparation
(1) Remove dust from the wallpaper with a rag or handy mop.
(2) Dilute vinegar with double the amount of water and spray it on the mold.

▼ Mold removal
(1) Mix 100 ml of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and spray on mold.
(2) Leave it for about 5 minutes
(3) Wipe off with a rag.You may rub it with a soft brush such as a toothbrush.
(4) Spray rubbing alcohol and dry.Improve room ventilation

▼ When darkening remains
[Wallpaper that does not absorb water]
(1) Gently apply gel-like chlorine bleach to the mold with a toothbrush or the like.
(2) After treatment, wipe with water so that no bleach remains, and then wipe dry.
* Try in a place where the color does not fade or is not noticeable.

[Wallpaper that sucks water]
(1) Gently rub with a tightly squeezed rag.
(2) Apply “mold remover for wallpaper” to the remaining mold.
(3) When it dries, wipe it off with a rag.

“Be careful not to get the mold inside your body while you work. Wear glasses or a mask and do not touch the mold with your bare hands. Also, wipe off the rag once to prevent the mold from spreading. Do not use the surface again, and when rubbing with a brush, clean it up so that it does not scatter.

Chlorine-based bleach and mildew-removing detergent are also very irritating, so be careful of ventilation during and after use, and let them dry thoroughly. “(Mr. Suzuki)


After cleaning it, I want to prevent the mold from regenerating.

“Humidity control is important to prevent mold. Furniture such as chests of drawers should be 5 cm to 10 cm, and home appliances such as refrigerators should be 10 cm to 15 cm away from the wall so that the air does not stagnate. Dehumidify with a dehumidifier. You can also use a ventilation fan or a circulator to circulate the air. Dust can also cause mold, so be sure to clean it frequently. “(Mr. Suzuki)

The days will continue to be dull, but when the wallpaper is clean and clean, you will feel better.


Interview cooperation: Actia Co., Ltd. (https://www.kajitaku.com/)

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