‘Eat more’ Song Yuna’s back injury and heartache, plain confession


Eat more and go Song Yuna (Photo = MBN’Eat ​​more and go’)

“I had a bike accident while filming the drama, and I thought I could die.”

Actor Song Yun-ah confesses to the ordeal caused by the’waist injury’ 6 years ago through’Eat More’.

In episode 3 of MBN’s entertainment show’Eat More’, broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 22nd (today), Song Yoon-ah visits’Lim Kang Hwang House’ for the first time as an actress, and shares warm rice with Lim Ji-ho, Kang Ho-dong, and Emperor Je-seong.

On this day, Song Yoon-ah and Lim Ji-ho share a story of an unexpected major accident while preparing a meal. He said, “When I was filming a drama six years ago, I fell on the road while filming a scene while riding a bike, but my body didn’t move. I thought,’I could die’ because a car was coming on the other side.”

“Several staff pulled my body off the road to rescue me, but I couldn’t walk after first aid. I should have treated it on time, but I couldn’t because I was filming.”

After hearing Yoona Song’s story, Jiho Lim says, “I want to comfort you who have many trials,” and start cooking for full-fledged energy recovery. In addition to the’dough’ made by chopped rice in half, the warm’healthy dinner table’ cooked with all the parts of the duck is impressive. After having dinner together, Song Yoon-ah said, “After the work was over, I started inviting guests to the house with the meaning of serving meals to the actors and staff. It is possible to have 20 people at a time.” In particular, when he invites Son Ye-jin as the first guest of the house, he reveals the episode where he was “all affirmed”, causing extreme immersion.

The production crew said, “Chef Ji-ho Lim, who has a relationship with Song Yoon-ah, gave deep happiness and comfort by setting a table with more sincerity than ever before.” “Please look forward to an episode with outstanding sincerity even to a’small concert’ full of melody.”

Meanwhile, MBN’s’Eat More’ is a foodmentary healing entertainment that provides a personalized’compliment meal’ for’star guests’ who visited the top house in Pyeongchang-dong, Sandongneung, and Kang Ho-dong. From episode 3, you can meet immediately after broadcasting on Netflix, an OTT platform. ‘Eat more’ episode 3 will be broadcast on the 22nd (today) at 9:20

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