“Eat without worrying about calories”…Popular ‘less calorie’ food after corona

Most vegetables and fruits that do not affect body fat gain
The food itself is low in calories, but the calories lost to the body are high.
Citizens who prefer a healthy diet Enjoy food without the burden
A diet that only eats negative calorie foods leads to nutritional deficiencies

A citizen looks around the vegetable corner with negative calories at a mart in Nam-gu, Busan (photo: reporter Yoon Yoo-jeong).

Since the corona crisis, interest in a healthy diet is increasing as the number of ‘confirmed people’ increases due to a sudden reduction in activity and refraining from going out. The food that draws attention to these dieters (people on a diet) is ‘food with fewer calories’.

Negative calorie foods are foods that do not significantly affect body fat gain. In other words, the calories of the food itself are small, and the calories lost in the digestion process are large, so there are no calories left in the body.

Most vegetables and some fruits are negative calorie foods. Typical negative calorie foods include broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, and grapefruit.

Negative calorie foods are useful in diet management. Cabbage, celery, broccoli, etc. contain dietary fiber, so they are low in absorbed calories and high in water. In particular, in the case of cucumber, it is about 9 kcal, and 95% is water, so you can replenish the body water that is lacking during exercise.

Seok Ye-rin (24, Nam-gu, Busan), who is very interested in diet, said, “I became more interested in health after the corona,” and said, “I have eaten negative calorie foods for healthy. diet.” Okseol-i (22, Sasang-gu, Busan), a college student, also said, “Cucumber or salad is plain and delicious and seems to refresh the body.”

Mr. Oksul-i said, “I know that negative calorie foods are high in dietary fiber and vitamins.” At the same time, she said, “I’m hoping that there will be more foods with lower calorie foods as a main ingredient, as I’m more interested in dieting and dressing lighter these days because of the weather. ” Seok Ye-rin also added, “If I constantly eat negative calorie foods, I can feel good changes coming to my body.”

However, eating only negative calorie foods is not always good. An official from Pukyong National University’s student cafeteria said, “If we continue to eat only broccoli, we may have enough vitamins, but protein may be insufficient.” No nutritional intake So it doesn’t meet the body’s needs,” he said. As the recommended daily intake for the general public is around 1500 kcal to as much as 2000 kcal, it must be eaten in combination with other foods. It is better eat negative calorie foods only at a supplementary level before a regular meal. An official from Pukyong National University’s student cafeteria said, “It is best to eat foods that are equally rich in the five nutrients, including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals ,” he said.

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