Eating lunch at the rest stop, the electric power of the electric car actually goes from 10 to 80%! The value of the output has doubled in 3 years, and the trillion-dollar business opportunity of charging piles has been deciphered

Eating lunch at the rest stop, the electric power of the electric car actually goes from 10 to 80%! The output value has doubled in 3 years, and the business opportunity of charging piles has been deciphered (photographer – Xiao Pengkai)

Written by the Today Weekly editorial team

Boarding the bus from Seoul, South Korea, on this day, we drive along highway No. 43 in the city. South Korea is currently the fourth country in the world in terms of the number of electric vehicle charging piles installed, second only to China in Asia In terms of the mobile life in the “charging phase”, on until this way, we gradually change from imagination to concrete..

About 20 minutes later, we came to a gas station divided into 4 areas; the two areas in the center of the line of sight are the pump islands for gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas, and the two areas on the far left and right. from the line of sight on one side. , is a hydrogen refueling station, and on the other side is a charging pile that “powers” electric vehicles. One stop to meet 4 types of energy, how many have seen the country’s attempt to fight for new energy vehicles.

Next, we drove to the Gangnam District and went straight down to the third basement floor of the COEX General Trade Center. Here, it is the largest charging station in South Korea, with 45 charging piles, which can charge more than 50 electric vehicles at the same time, which is twice the size of the existing largest charging station in Taiwan.

After getting into the car, the driver drove on the 417-kilometer Gyeongbu Expressway. Ymang Rest Station, which is the closest to Seoul, has a charging station built by Hyundai, the largest car manufacturer in South Korea. It can charge 6 electric vehicles at a time. It only takes 18 minutes, which about time to eat. lunch and going to the toilet Your electric vehicles, electricity can be from 10% to 80%.

“Not only Hyundai, but in the past two years, several large groups in South Korea, such as SK, Lotte, and LG, have been acquiring charging pile companies!” Andong-hwan, sales manager of Advantech Korea branch, which supplies motherboards for Hyundai cars Show us.

Precedence Research, a research institute, estimates that the output value of the global charging stack market will rise to US$ 417.3 billion in 2030 from US$ 35.5 billion last year, with an annual growth rate of at least 31%, which’ n corresponds to approximately 13.4 trillion in New Taiwan Dollars.

“In the next 5 years, the charging pile industry will enter a “race to the ground” event!” said Yang Jiahao, an analyst at the Taiwan Economic and Technological Institute, noting that the electric vehicle is the first force driving this demand. whose global sales have doubled in the last three years. The number of installations driving global charging piles has officially entered a period of cases since 2019.

The second force is various government policy subsidies. Take the European Union as an example. After it announced a ban on the sale of fuel vehicles in 2035, the European Commission at the same time proposed a budget of at least 80 billion euros, with the aim of establishing 3.5 million public charging stations in 2030.

The United States, a country calling for the return of manufacturing, has a more aggressive goal. In the major infrastructure plan announced by President Biden last year, there is a budget of 7.5 billion US dollars to install at least 5 million charging points in the next 8 years.

South Korea expects to increase the number of charging stations to 500,000 in the next three years In total, South Korea will add more than 100,000 charging stations every year in the future.

As for Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to expand the number of charging piles from the current 2,000 to 7,800 in the next three years, which will also be set up in public parking lots, supermarkets, gas stations, Taiwan Railways , and expressways. .

However, in terms of the number of charging stations installed on expressways, there are already 58 rest stations in South Korea this year, and the number of charging piles will reach 1,000 by the end of the year. However, from south to north, Taiwan currently only has 44 charging piles at 5 rest stations.

“Foreign equipment (charging pile) factories are now better than Taiwan’s, because they have accumulated more experience, this is because their country has more electric vehicles and more charging piles.” 11 years ago, he put into operation charging stations and Hwaseong Electric Co., Ltd. Chang Xu Yisheng pointed out the relationship between the strength of a country’s charging pile manufacturing industry and the number of electric vehicles and charging piles in the country.

After all, this is an important future infrastructure construction work that is fully supported by the policies of different countries and big players from all walks of life dare not be absent. The 13 trillion yuan business opportunity that fired more specifically and clearly, and Taiwanese companies, whose technology is not behind, can take full advantage of Live this almost revolutionary business opportunity pie is now a critical moment.

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