“Eating regime” “Soy answer”… Ahn Cheol-soo hit both candidates at the same time


From now on, let’s take a look at the recent ‘Ahn Cheol-soo phenomenon’. Candidate Cheol-soo Ahn’s actions today (10th) were unstoppable. “I’m not thinking about unification,” he said, striking both candidates at the same time. To Candidate Jae-myung Lee, it was “a form of government that is devoured”, and to Candidate Seok-yeol Yoon, it was a “soy answer” meaning that he would only laugh and not answer.

First of all, this is reporter Kim So-hyun.


Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung’s promise to apply health insurance to hair loss.

Candidate Cheol-soo Ahn publicly asked Candidate Lee how he would finance his health insurance and whether there was any realistic way to lower the price of generic drugs.

It is, in fact, an unreasonable promise.

[안철수/국민의당 대선후보 : 임기 동안 해 먹고 튀면 그만이라는 전형적인 ‘먹튀 정권’의 모습입니다. 포퓰리즘이 새로운 망국병으로…]

Candidate Lee’s pledge to enter the G5, the five major countries, also claimed that he was an aid.

[안철수/국민의당 대선후보 : 큰 정당에서 아이디어도 못 내고 그렇게 베끼시면 곤란하지 않은가…]

Candidate Ahn publicly asked a question to Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who said ‘I will raise the soldier’s salary to 2 million won’.

[안철수/국민의당 대선후보 : 도대체 부사관 월급, 또는 장교의 월급은 어떻게 할 건지에 대해서 말씀을 해주셔야 되는 거 아니겠습니까?]

Candidate Yoon said this as if it was not worth mentioning in the so-called ‘controversy over annihilation’ that arose while posting a photo of a grocery store.

[안철수/국민의당 대선후보 : 그냥 소이부답하겠습니다.]

Candidate Ahn reiterated his intention to complete the presidential election.

[안철수/국민의당 대선후보 : 단일화 생각하고 있지 않습니다. 같은 질문을 계속 하시니까 참 앵무새처럼 같은 답변을 드릴 수밖에…]

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok’s remarks that ‘Candidate Ahn’s body is attached to unification’ also resulted in a harsh reaction from the People’s Party, saying, “It’s disgusting and annoying.”

Regarding Ahn’s remarks that ‘we can meet Candidate Yoon’, floor leader Kwon Eun-hee said, “It’s just a human lingering impression, there’s no possibility.”

(Video graphic: Han Young-joo)


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