Eating ‘this’ as a side dish prevents dementia

Sweet potatoes, onions, and broccoli help prevent dementia

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It is important to detect dementia early and provide ongoing treatment. To prevent it, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and engage in activities that use your brain.

Among them, there are foods that help prevent dementia by eating as a side dish when eating.

Sweet potatoes are rich in ‘GABA’ and ‘Beta-carotene’, which are of great help in preventing dementia. Beta-carotene acts as a brain-protecting antioxidant, and eating one medium-sized sweet potato can meet your entire daily intake. GABA increases the oxygen supply and activates the metabolic function of cells, so it helps prevent dementia as well as relieve insomnia.

Onions are rich in a nutrient called ‘choline’, which plays an important role in supporting brain function. In addition, onion skins contain 30 to 40 times more ‘polavonoids’, which are antioxidants, than the core, which help prevent senile dementia or Parkinson’s disease by removing active oxygen that ages cells. It also plays a role in reducing the inflammatory response of blood vessels. It is good to put the onion in water and boil it with broth, or dry it and eat it as a powder.

Dementia is broccoli

It contains large amounts of ‘sulforaphane’, which has been identified as a preventative nutrient. The ingredient ‘sulforaphane’ activates ‘brain-derived nerve growth factor’ which helps regenerate brain nerves, promotes brain cell survival and growth, and is also effective in preventing dementia old age As well as broccoli, sulforaphane is also found in foods such as oysters, onions and garlic.

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