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by Philippa Rockby

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Firefighters are advised to eat lots of vegetables, fruit and fish.

Researchers note that limiting the amount of time you eat each day. It can have a positive effect on the health of shift workers

It is well known that work schedule patterns can damage our body’s life clock. as well as making him more susceptible to disease

One study found that firefighters who work 24-hour shifts can lower bad cholesterol (liquid fats) and lower blood pressure. By setting mealtimes within 10 hours, those with pre-existing health conditions will benefit the most.

Those researchers added that parents who care for newborn babies and health workers who work night shifts can also benefit from limiting mealtimes.

“Many people eat all the time until bedtime. The body does not want this,” said Pam Tabb, co-author of the research and professor in the Faculty of Medicine. The University of California, San Diego said, adding that our bodies need periods of rest for cells to repair and renew our bodies more efficiently.

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Night shift nurses can benefit from setting meal times.

Half of the firefighters ate food within a 10 hour time frame between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm, with no food skips. while the other half did not change their routine. and eat food in a time frame of about 14 hours.

Both groups of firefighters were advised to eat a Mediterranean diet. which focuses on fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and olive oil. which is considered good for health

in this research Overweight firefighters are included. or if you also have health problems such as high blood pressure high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes

The results of this research found that the health of the group that ate conspicuously over time was better than the other group. and tests showed that blood pressure blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels improved by framing the meal periods. Then skip meals for the rest of the work shift.

Even firefighters who are healthy and without health risks also have a better quality of life and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol by eating within a certain time frame.

Studies have shown no reduction in energy levels or other side effects.

restless sleep

“The time frame diet has shown us that it benefits shift workers such as firefighters, helping to improve cardiovascular health and improve their quality of life,” said Professor Tabb.

shift workers This accounts for more than a quarter of the people who work in many countries. There is an increased risk of heart disease. Diabetes and type 2 cancer. This is because the body’s natural Circadian Rhythms are often disrupted by waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping during the day.

Professor Thabb added that shift workers were often neglected in the past. did not take part in clinical studies And little is understood about how to improve their well-being.

Dr Linia Patel, nutritionist and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, says anyone can try their own limited time diet. and see if it works for myself or not.

“Just like clothes don’t fit all. Shift work is very difficult work. Finding the best time to skip meals for yourself is key,” she says.

However, there were some limitations in this study, as most of the study participants were male. and was analyzed with only one shift work period. But the research team said restricted eating should also be tested among shift workers in other types of jobs.

“This study should be extended to a wider population. This includes health workers such as nurses and others who have different waking and sleeping periods that are not typical of working people,” Professor Thabb said.

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