[EBN 오늘(3일) 이슈 종합]Seoul real estate is calming down… Gangnam house price without notice, controversy over online luxury goods continues… ‘Authentication’, life and death e-commerce, etc.

■ Seoul real estate is calming down… Gangnam house price without notice

Although the real estate market is gradually entering a calming phase, house prices in Gangnam, Seoul, are still fluctuating. There are concerns that the real estate market may become unstable again as the rise in apartment prices in the Gangnam area leads to the reproduction of a ‘rise cycle’ that spreads to a chain surge in surrounding areas.

In the last week of last month, apartment prices in Seoul rose 0.10%. This is a decrease of 0.01 percentage point from the previous week (0.11%). The decline in the increase also continued for the sixth straight week. However, house prices in Gangnam are still on the rise. According to data from the Real Estate Agency, in the case of apartments in the 4 districts of Gangnam (Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa, and Gangdong), Seocho-gu (0.17%) rose mainly in the large complexes in Garak and Jamsil-dong in Songpa-gu (0.17%) due to the impact of transaction reports in some popular complexes. Gangnam-gu (0.15%) rose mainly in Gaepo-dong and Samseong-dong, which are in demand for school districts, while Gangdong-gu (0.13%) rose mainly in Sangil and Myeongil-dong.

■ Controversy over fake online luxury goods continues… ‘Authentication’ e-commerce life and death

Recently, there has been a case in which Company M, the No. 1 online luxury platform, deceives consumers by selling counterfeit products, raising concerns that consumers’ trust in online purchases may decrease.

As the online luxury market grows, the controversy over counterfeit products continues. According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the number of reports of counterfeit products online last year was 16,693, more than three times higher than in 2018 (5426) two years ago. Previously, in August, an online luxury community where 480,000 people are active drew attention when a post was posted saying that the Chanel clutch purchased from an online site that advertised authenticity was a fake.

In order to catch the online luxury market that grows every year, the e-commerce industry is devoting all its life to authenticating products to prevent consumer churn.

Dipple, who said they wanted to catch Netflix

Disney Plus, a ‘content dinosaur’, which was expected to give a fresh stimulus to the domestic online video service (OTT) market, has been showing a sluggish figure as the number of users continues to decrease after entering Korea. The prevailing opinion is that problems such as incorrect subtitles with inscriptions and mistranslations and inconvenient app environment have had an impact. The lack of new content in addition to the previously known content is also considered a disappointment. On the other hand, Netflix, the biggest competitor, is showing a steady upward trend by hitting home runs in consecutive bats with ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Hell’. However, there are opinions that it is too early to make a quick decision as it is in the early stages of the release of Disney Plus. In the case of the OTT market, there is always an opportunity for growth as there is a lot of user movement. Disney Plus aims to increase its market share through continuous service improvement and content addition.

■ “Is it too high”… Metaverse-related fluctuations despite the re-spread of Corona

Stocks related to Metaverse, which had surged due to the spread of Corona 19, are being corrected. As large-cap semiconductors, which have been neglected recently, have strengthened, supply and demand have shifted, and demand for profit-taking is not small. As the stock market continued to move sideways in the second half of this year and large-cap stocks also fell, stocks related to Metaverse and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) emerged as alternatives. This is because it is an untact-related stock and is emerging as a global stock market theme. As it spreads to Omicron, related stocks have been expected to rise due to concerns about the prolonged Corona 19. As related products such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were launched, the market grew even bigger. Metaverse refers to a world in which the virtual world and reality are fused using ICT technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. In terms of linking the real and virtual worlds in both directions, untact is considered to be a major beneficiary in the era of COVID-19.

■ The foreigner who made Donghak Ants leave, the reason why Samsung Electronics came back

Foreign investors who fueled the departure of Donghak Ant (individual investors in domestic stocks) from Samsung Electronics, the ‘people’s stock’, are coming back. It is analyzed that the expectation that the semiconductor industry will improve has influenced the reinflow of foreigners. Samsung Electronics’ share price, which had been sluggish in the procession of foreigners in a row, is also showing an upward trend. Foreign investors net bought 861.2 billion won worth of Samsung Electronics shares in November. Foreign investors have been net selling Samsung Electronics shares throughout this year, with the exception of last September. The amount of net selling by foreign investors between January and November of this year amounted to 20.72 trillion won. On the other hand, individual investors have been buying Samsung Electronics stocks throughout the year and then started selling them last month. The amount of Samsung Electronics stocks sold by individuals last month stood at 1.306 trillion won. Monthly net selling by Samsung Electronics individual investors is the first in a year. Individual investors’ net purchases of Samsung Electronics from January to November of this year amounted to 34.36 trillion won, so it is evaluated that the departure of individual investors is unusual.

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