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At Amazon, where the Black Friday sale is held until December 1 (Thursday), an Echo Dot model (4th generation) with a clock is on sale for 2980 yen. The regular price is 6,980 yen, and 4,980 yen even during the time sale festival. A 3000 yen cut is quite a deal.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot with Watch (4th Gen) You can check the time instantly without having to ask Alexa

Echo Dot 4th generation model with clock

The colors are Glacier White and Midnight Blue. Charcoal does not exist

Even if you already have a 4th generation Echo Dot, we recommend purchasing an additional one. This is because stereo playback is possible by using two of the same model together, greatly improving the presence of the sound.

Echo Dot Stereo Pair

Stereo playback is possible by combining two Echo Dots (4th generation)

However, note that stereo pairings are only valid for music distribution services such as amazon music, Spotify, and Apple Music. Listening to music while pairing via Bluetooth is monastic play.

Echo Dot 4th generation

Only music delivery services via Echo Dot (4th generation) are played in stereo

Moreover, if you combine it with Fire TV Stick, you can enjoy movies and music with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. It’s not as good as high-end audio equipment, but it feels more powerful than speakers / soundbars costing a few thousand yen.

Echo Dot 4th generation

Combined with Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot 4th Generation can be used as surround speakers

If you have a Fire TV Stick 4K Max that supports HDMI ARC, you can play audio from TV shows and game consoles by connecting it to an ARC-enabled TV (the Fire TV Stick has a stereo setting, so it’s probably that it is stereo playback) .

Echo Dot 4th generation

With Fore TV Stick 4k Max and an HDMI ARC enabled TV, you can play game console audio on Echo Dot 4th generation.

However, Echo Dots from different generations cannot form a stereo pair. The combination of Echo Dot (4th generation) and Echo (4th generation) is also not supported.

Echo 4th generation

Stereo pairing not possible with Echo (left) and Echo Dot (right) combination.

Alexa devices, not just Echo Dot (4th generation), aren’t really very good at identifying things to search or identifying songs to play. I still feel naive about the accuracy of voice recognition and search. Even if you enter a song name, it often happens that a different song is played. If the song you want to listen to is clearly decided, match play from your smartphone is guaranteed.

However, it is still very convenient for listening to weather forecasts and news, setting alarms, and playing songs of a certain genre as background music. Whether you don’t have it yet or you already have it, take this opportunity to check it out.

The 4th generation echo

2980 yen is very cheap with a smart speaker!

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