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eCommerce disruption… 11th Street with 95 wages raised

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Lee Sang-ho, president of 11th Street (left) and the chairman of Ye Byeong-hak’s union, are taking a commemorative photo after signing an agreement to raise wages. 11th Street Offer

The labor and management of 11th Street agreed on an average wage increase of 9.5%. This is to boost employee morale by raising wages at a high level amid the e-commerce market turmoil.

11th Street recently held a wage agreement ceremony with President Sang-ho Lee and Chairman Ye Byung-hak of’SK 11st Employee Solidarity Labor Union’ in attendance. The two sides collectively agreed on a plan to raise wages by an average of 9.5%, including a fixed-rate increase of 5 million won per year for development workers and 2.5 million won per year for non-development workers and a plan to adjust the annual salary for each individual in 2021.

In the case of development jobs, this is an increase of 12.7%, above the industry average. Eleventh Street explained that it has been treated at the highest level in recent years as a number of IT companies are competitively entering the developer recruitment market.

President Lee said, “We had a lot of difficulties to come up with a wage increase agreement, but we achieved an agreement for the happiness of both the company and its members. I will.”

11st is planning to build a base shared office with a capacity of 70 to 80 seats in Bundang in July.

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