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Edge 91 stable version official full update log is now available-Microsoft Edge

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A few days ago, Microsoft released Edge 91 to the stable channel. Although they introduced new features on the consumer side, there was no tool to announce the complete update log.

Today, the list has been announced, which shows the following improvements of 91.0.864.37:


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Feature update

Allows the Microsoft Defender application protection container to identify network traffic. Starting from Microsoft Edge 91, it has built-in support for marking network traffic from the application protection container, allowing companies to identify them and apply specific policies.

Allows synchronization of favorites from the host to the Edge Application Guard container. Starting from the Edge 91 version, users can choose to configure Application Guard to synchronize favorites from the host to the container. This ensures that new favorites will also appear on the container.

Starting with version 91 of Microsoft Edge, if the download is started without user interaction and is not supported by the SmartScreen Application Reputation check, the browser will automatically interrupt the type of download that may harm the computer. The user can overwrite and continue the download by right-clicking on the downloaded item and selecting “Keep”. Enterprise administrators can choose to reject this behavior by configuring the following policies.

Support for speech recognition API. Starting from Microsoft Edge 91 version, API support for voice recognition commands on Google.com and similar websites will be added. This feature is limited to a randomly selected group of users who have enabled the experiment.

Personalize the browser with new theme colors. On the “Settings” -> “Appearance” page, use one of the 14 new theme colors to make Microsoft Edge more colorful. You can also install custom themes from the Microsoft Edge plug-in website.

Policy update

Download the updated management template from the Microsoft Edge corporate landing page, adding the following new strategies:

ApplicationGuardTrafficIdentificationEnabled-Application Guard Traffic Identification

ExplicitlyAllowedNetworkPorts-Explicitly allowed network ports

ImportStartupPageSettings-allows to import startup page settings

MathSolverEnabled-Let users cut out a math problem in Microsoft Edge and get a solution with step-by-step explanations

NewTabPageContentEnabled-Allow Microsoft News content to be displayed on the new tab page

NewTabPageQuickLinksEnabled-Allow quick links on the new tab page

Obsolete strategy

ProactiveAuthEnabled-enable active authentication

The new Edge browser is now the native browser for all supported Windows 10 versions, and the old Edge browser is now obsolete.

You can download the latest stable version here:


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