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Borderlands 3, which was originally exclusively released by Epic Games in 2019, has become a limited-time free game on the Epic Games Store platform after three years. If you haven’t played it yet, you can take advantage of it now. Receive it, and keep it permanently in the collection library, and the period for receiving it is only one week.

“Edge of Forbidden Land 3” is the third game of the treasure shooting series developed by Gearbox Software. The stage of the story is still based on Pandora, adding the popular parkour elements, not only can slide, but also through walls Climbing higher, the interaction with the terrain also becomes more, and you can even perform operations such as sliding and throwing guava, or blowing the element bucket out and blowing it up.


There have been many community disturbances when it was first released on the Epic Games platform. First, the old games of “Forbidden Land” on the Steam platform were bombarded with negative reviews due to exclusive factors. After that, although the game is still played by a large number of players, there was no discussion on the Epic Games platform. Zone function, so that players return to the Steam discussion area to report BUG again.

However, the sales of this game were not affected by the Epic exclusive controversy, and it shipped 5 million sets within 5 days of listing, setting a 2K release record.

The limited-time free period of Epic Games Store “Forbidden Land 3” only ends at 23:00 on May 26th, and it can be saved permanently after receiving it. If you don’t want to receive it and want to buy a supported game on Steam, Steam is now offering a 75% discount.

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