Editions “Le Pays”: The Editorial Director, Boundi Ouoba, made Knight of the Order of the Stallion

The Grand Chancellery of Orders of Burkina Faso has recognized the merit of the sons, daughters and organizations which, thanks to their ardor and their devotion to work, their commitment and their patriotism, have contributed to the building of the Nation. The decoration ceremony, which was intended, took place on January 19, 2023 in Ouagadougou, under the chairmanship of the Grand Chancellor of Burkinabe Orders, Colonel André Roch Compaoré.

They were a total of 24 civilians, soldiers and associations to see their merits recognized by the Burkinabè Nation. Distinctions in the Order of the Stallion and in the Burkinabè Order of Merit. In the Order of the Stallion, there were 16 recipients including 3 commanders, 3 officers and 10 knights. In the Burkinabè Order of Merit, 8 knights. Indeed, among the recipients, is the Editorial Director (DR) of Editions ” The country “Boundi Ouoba, who, after more than a dozen years of experience and services rendered to the Nation, has seen his merit recognized by the Nation.

Boundi Ouoba receiving congratulations from the CEO of Editions “Le Pays, Cheick Beldh’or Sigué (right)

After wearing his medal, the first editor of Editions ” The country “ reacts: “It’s a feeling of legitimate pride that inspires me by wearing this medal. This is proof that what we do as work is recognized and appreciated by the country’s high authorities. I am grateful to them. That said, I must recognize that this distinction is an invitation to more ardor and self-sacrifice in the work. This is why I dedicate this medal to all the staff of Editions “Le Pays”, starting with the Founder down to the smallest agent, including my editorial colleagues. However, I do not forget my wife and my children, whose affection they surround me with every day, allows me to give the best of myself”.

Back at the newspaper, the DR passed successively to present his medal to the Founder, Jérémie Boureima Sigué, to the General Manager, Cheick Beldh’or Sigué, to the Editor-in-Chief, Dabadi Zoumbara, to the Editorial team as well as to the staff. of all the administrative and technical services of the newspaper ” The country “. He, in return, received the congratulations of his hierarchy but also those of his collaborators.

Didèdoua Franck ZINGUE


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