Editor of Lai Polka Dot catches the eye of the Election Commission, discussing the endorsement of ‘Chatchat’ this afternoon, blaming a good idea sign. should not be used to cut points

This afternoon! The editor of Lai Dot catches the eye of the Election Commission, discussing the endorsement of ‘Chatchat’, saying the sign should be supported. rather than cutting the score

due to the case The Election Commission (ECT) meeting, which will take place today, May 30 at 1:00 PM. (Governor of Bangkok) and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) members attended the meeting.to consider the announcement of certifying the results of the election It was reported that Initially, there are now 24 complaints about candidates for the BMA and the Sor Kor. Most of them are complaints about incorrectly covering the campaign banners. and messages used to campaign blasphemy beyond the scope of authority be deceived etc. for Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, who received the highest votes in the Bangkok governor’s election. Received 2 complaints

Read the news: Keep an eye on 30 May. The Election Commission discusses certifying the Bangkok governor-Sor. Kor. Found ‘Chatchat’ received 2 complaints

Latest today, May 30 Mr. Sombat Bunngamanong or editor. Lai Dot has posted on Facebook about such a case that

“In the case of the Chatchat sign, besides the Election Commission, this issue should not be blamed or cut off the Chatchart vote. The Election Commission should issue a statement supporting it as a good idea. Both in terms of the size of the banners and the ability to reuse the banners, making the political culture more advanced, smarter.

I hope the Election Commission doesn’t show or act like a sham x the red card for the kind of reasons some people are trying to complain about.”

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