Education: An Effective Way to Humanize the World and History!

Curator of the Vatican State Cardinal Pietro Parolin addressed the “Transforming Education Summit” organized under the auspices of the United Nations.

Joey Kariveli, Vatican City

“Every change calls for an inclusive educational process,” said the Curator of the Vatican State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Cardinal Parolin, who led the Vatican delegation, addressed the “Education Transformation Summit” organized under the auspices of the United Nations in New York on the 16th, 17th and 19th of this month (September 2022) in the United States of America on Monday ( 19 /09/22), which was his closing day, Pope Francis was quoted as saying:

He highlighted the fact that from the very beginning the Catholic Church combined the transfer of knowledge, culture and science with evangelism. Cardinal Parolin explained that today around 2,20,000 schools and 1,365 universities in different continents under the guidance of the Catholic Church provide education, and that 7 crore students study in them.

He said that Pope Francis launched the Global Compact on Education a few months before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic with the firm conviction that we can strive for a better world through education and that the Pope pointed out that education is one of the biggest. effective ways to make our world and history more humane. Cardinal Parolin also recalled the Pope’s encouragement that those working in the field of education should be guided by the four pillars of self-knowledge, knowledge of others, knowledge of creation and knowledge of God.

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