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We call an unpredictable situation a ‘crisis’. The Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention focuses on learning specialized techniques and methods to prepare for safety accidents and fires that do not know when and where to come, and to protect people and property from large-scale disasters. If you fall under 7 or more of the following items, consider entering the Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention! (Total ___) □ Be sure to watch the news related to various disasters and accidents. □ Safety first, safety second, safety third! □ He has an excellent ability to solve problems and cope with crises. □ I am very interested in IT technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. □ When something happens, I have a habit of looking for the cause first. □ I often hear about leadership among friends. □ I’m Steel Stamina! Staying up all night is not enough. □ When someone is in danger, they always come forward to help, so-called ‘Ojirapper’. □ I am familiar with CPR and how to use an AED. □ I think volunteer work is an act that makes me and others happy.

Leave the life and safety of the people to us, ‘Fire and Disaster Prevention Department’

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In the midst of changes in the social environment such as the climate crisis and aging population, the importance of preventing various disasters and disasters that occur one after another is growing. These days, there is a trend to prepare for fires and accidents through advanced technologies such as big data, networks, sensors, and data analysis. Therefore, if you want to become a smart fire service expert with creative thinking ability, pay attention to this department.

Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention Major Subjects

Introduction to firefighting
In order to develop risk management ability for potential fire dangers in real life, students acquire comprehensive professional knowledge about firefighting, learn fire awareness judgment skills, and learn how to respond to protect precious lives and properties.

Fire Electrical Engineering
This course learns the basic theories related to the construction, maintenance, repair, design, and control of firefighting electrical equipment. Based on basic physics and mathematics, students learn about electrical quantity and measurement, Ohm’s law and Watt’s law, series and parallel circuits, combination series/parallel circuits, magnetic and magnetic circuits, motors and generators, etc.

Disaster Management Theory
Introduces theories on disaster mitigation, disaster preparation, disaster response, and disaster recovery, focusing on the disaster management process Learn management theory and practice for training, etc.

Introduction to Disaster Prevention
As a basic study of establishing and implementing disaster prevention plans in the field of natural disasters, it is possible to know the definition and concept of disasters, domestic and foreign disaster cases, the need for an approach for disaster management and disaster management by stage, and the overall disaster prevention plan of the urban master plan.

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firefighting equipment
Learn the structure and operation principle of fire extinguishing equipment and learn effective fire extinguishing methods. This course deals with the methods and theories of reducing the temperature below the ignition temperature, diluting the oxygen concentration by blocking the supply of oxygen, removing combustible substances from the fire site, or blocking/suppressing the chain reaction of combustion.

Fire fighting system CAD
For computerized design of firefighting equipment and firefighting facilities, understand how to create two-dimensional drawings, and learn drawing techniques necessary for practice, such as notation of symbols and drawing methods for firefighting equipment elements. In addition, by modeling fire-fighting facility elements, students learn a three-dimensional modeling method for a fire-fighting system.

Qualifications related to the Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention

Firefighting equipment industry engineer
Industrial engineer’s license in firefighting field hosted by Human Resources Development Service of Korea. It is divided into two categories: the electrical field and the mechanical field. Firefighter theory and fire-fighting laws are common subjects, and both electrical and mechanical fields are required to be taken. In addition, as individual subjects, electricity is general firefighting electricity and structure and principle of firefighting electric facilities, and fire-fighting fluid mechanics and firefighting machinery facilities are individual subjects. Structure and Principles of the course must be taken additionally.

fire technician
This is a certification that trains professionals who will be in charge of industrial safety management, such as regulatory measures for fire safety and facility inspections, and is implemented by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. The test consists of a written test and an interview, and the written test is conducted in a short-answer format and a subjective essay format for subjects such as fire and fire extinguishing theory, fire hydraulics and fire mechanics. If you pass this, you will be judged on the qualifications and dignity of the candidate through an oral interview.

Dangerous goods industry engineer
Dangerous goods refer to goods that are flammable or ignitable, and are prescribed by Presidential Decree. It is a professional qualification that enhances the safety of handling and management of dangerous substances that can cause a major disaster even with the slightest negligence. Subjects such as general chemistry, fire prevention and fire extinguishing methods, and the nature and handling of dangerous substances are taken as a written test, and in the practical test, written questions are solved on the practical handling of dangerous substances.

Department Talk & Talk

name : Junho Jeon
belong : Kangwon National University, Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention Engineering, 4th year
A word from a senior: Opportunities come to those who are prepared!

Q. If you had to pick your favorite subject among the subjects studied in the Fire and Disaster Prevention Engineering Department, what would it be?
A. First of all, I would like to mention ‘First Aid’. Because it is practice-oriented, the class participation rate is very high. Saving lives is more important than anything else, so it is a subject I would recommend even if you are not a student in our department!

Q. It will be really useful because it can be used in practice! Conversely, which subject is the most difficult?
A. It’s fluid mechanics… . Would it be difficult to just listen? Although it is difficult compared to other subjects because there are many formulas required to understand the contents of the class, it is one of the most important subjects for firefighting and disaster prevention engineering students.

Q. It’s surprising! Does it feel like a ball game?
A. That’s right. In our department, we learn basic engineering knowledge and laws related to various fields where fire can occur, such as machinery, electricity, chemistry, architecture, and energy. So, the fact that you have to constantly study in various fields and grow yourself!

Q. What other things can you learn from the department?
A. I think of it as responsibility, adaptability, and professionalism. Because I have to take responsibility for the safety of the firefighting facilities I manage in the future and respond appropriately to the on-site environment! And while learning the professional knowledge provided by the professors, you can move forward as a firefighting and disaster prevention expert.

Q. Aha, so after graduating from the department, almost everyone becomes a firefighter?
A. Most of them want to be firefighters, but besides firefighters, they can work in firefighting facility design and supervision companies, construction construction companies, firefighting equipment-related companies, firefighting equipment manufacturers, and product certification-related organizations in the field of firefighting and disaster prevention engineering. Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to study at our department and obtain various firefighting related certifications?

Q. What activities would you recommend to teenagers who want to become fire and disaster prevention engineering students?
A. Accumulate experience while volunteering with the fire brigade. If you look for an organization that assists with firefighting work in each area, you will surely find it. Also, take interest in the department while challenging various competitions conducted by firefighting organizations and companies. And most importantly, build up your stamina!

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Q. That’s right. What if it’s ‘low quality’? ㅠㅠ
A. Firefighters require strong stamina to respond quickly and get things done quickly. So it would be nice if he could enjoy team sports like soccer. Cooperation and social skills to unite with colleagues are also important. It takes a spirit of sacrifice and altruism to value others, not just yourself. Physical training is all you need to do, so let’s keep working hard on self-management.

Q. Thanks for the advice. Are there any subjects that are good to study before entering the school?
A. It’s good to get acquainted with chemistry and math related to your studies. And in our department, playing well and resting is as important as studying. Because I need to improve my activity and manage my physical strength on a regular basis.

Q. Tell prospective juniors about the charm of our department!
A. I hope that our department, which is the only firefighting department opened at the regional base national university, will make a dream come true so that you can seize an opportunity at any time. Welcome to our department that contributes to society based on the spirit of a firefighter and makes my life happy together!


Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention Engineering with Keywords

#scientific calculator
Why is it item that is only used in engineering schools appearing here? This is because, in the major classes taught in the Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention Engineering, all calculation problems cannot be solved without it.

#365 Safe Town
This firefighting experience center in Taebaek, Gangwon-do is a theme park where you can enjoy education, entertainment and leisure under the theme of ‘safety’. As you experience a virtual disaster, you naturally learn the importance of safety.

Firefighters will be converted into national civil servants for the first time in 2020, and many students are preparing for this goal. As a result, some of the exam subjects have changed. It is an even hotter issue as we plan to drastically reduce the number of firefighters selected for the firefighter exam in 2024, the next year.

Lee Eun-joo, reporter for MODU magazine
Written by Lee Eun-ju ● Drawing from Getty Image Bank ● References Career Net (


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