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Hyukpil​​​​​​Kwon, CEO of Edupet, trains dogs for children. Provided by Edupet

Kim Jun-young (pseudonym), who was in 6th grade in elementary school, switched to taking classes online due to Corona 19 two years ago. fell on youtube I didn’t put my phone down. I didn’t even go to school for offline classes. A war has started between mother and Joon-young. The child was increasingly confined to the house. I stayed up all night and slept during the day. “It was very hell. I brought a puppy with a spirit grasping at straws. My only child has wanted a dog since I was little.” My mother bought a white baby Bichon Mongi from a pet store. Junyoung went out of the house to take Mongi for a walk. I also read a book about dogs. it didn’t go far After a month or two, Mongi became her mother. After school, my mother, who works as a teacher, makes Mongi for a walk after work. “I didn’t like dogs… . If you take care of it, you will love it. Mongi is a comfort. But I can’t take an hour off a day because I have to work and see Junyoung and Mongi. It is difficult. I shouldn’t have adopted a dog like this. I honestly regret it.” 11-year-old Jeong Daye-yang loves animals. Since I was younger, I used to go to the park and see the dogs out for an hour and talk to their owners. The mother who said, “No dogs at all,” lost. The black poodle boy came to Daye Yang two years ago. However, the boy was not behaving as expected. She only follows her mother and growls at Daye-yang. The mother said, “When Bo-deul was a baby, Daye tried to hold her like a doll, and it seems Bo-deul didn’t like it.” One in four Koreans live with a pet. According to the ‘Korea Companion Animal Report 2021’ (at the end of 2020) published by KB Management Research Institute, there are 6.04 million companion households in Korea and 14.48 million people with pets. The most popular pets are dogs. 4.83 million households, 11.61 million people, have 5.86 million dogs. So many pets are abandoned. According to a report called ‘Analysis of Lost and Abandoned Animals in 2021’ published by the Alliance for Animal Freedom, there were 116,984 lost and abandoned cases last year, of which 84,136 were dogs. Over 100,000 pets are abandoned or lost every year for the fifth year running. What should I do when my children beg me for a puppy? (BBC), citing a number of papers in an article entitled ‘How Your Pet Boosts Your Child’s Brain,’ that bonding with pets can help children develop responsibility, empathy, cognitive skills, and social interaction skills reported to help However, if you adopt a dog, you will regret it. he added in the article, “It’s important to bond rather than live together under the same roof.” Studying before adopting a dog is essential. Edupet CEO Hyukpil ​​Kwon, who has taught pet classes for children in various local governments, said, “Dog breeds are divided into 7 groups and each group has different good temperaments,” he said. It is important to consider whether the family can spend enough time with the dog and whether it is a living environment that can raise a dog. Before adopting a puppy, Kwon recommends that parents and children do volunteer work at an abandoned dog shelter together. You can see the reality of abandoned dogs and learn what caring for a dog is really like, and that adoption is a commitment to take responsibility. Then, as fate would have it, ‘our family dog’ may be found or the child may stop adopting a dog. CEO Kwon emphasizes ‘waiting’ when training dogs for children. “As soon as children come home from school, they often get bitten when they try to touch a resting dog,” he said. “I emphasize that dogs are like friends to be respected.” It is difficult for children to cope with unexpected situations, so it is recommended to go for a walk with a parent. “It is good to train your puppy to follow the rules set by the parents, and if you follow those rules, let the child take the lead.”

Daye Jeong plays with her dog, Bo-deul.  Provided by Yeyang Jeong's family

Daye Jeong plays with her dog, Bo-deul. Provided by Yeyang Jeong’s family

You should read the attached book before adopting

There are a number of children’s books on the market that you can read with your child before adopting a dog. (Published by Daekyo Books Jr.) begins with Jiyul, a third grader in elementary school, with a two-year-old male mixed breed dog named Jongi. Jongyi hides under the couch and doesn’t come out. Bites objects and refuses to bathe. We have provided easy to follow solutions for every situation. Meanwhile, it also pinches Korean reality. Puppies sell well, so puppies less than two months old are taken away from their mothers and displayed in a pet shop. Puppies that are not big enough in their mother’s arms often go ill and easily abandoned. (Published by Hyeda) is a dog learning cartoon. ‘Dogi’ looks like a dog, but walks on two legs, landing on Earth. IQ is 500. Apes are pets on the planet where the Doggies live. The Dogi meets the Earth dog, Du, and decides to free him from human oppression, but the problem is that the snacks his human father gives him are too tasty. Looking at the snacks makes the potty people ‘sit’ again and again. It not only provides practical information about the life of a companion during the ‘Operation for Liberation of Blackbird’, but also provides information on how to handle dogs. The picture book (published by Eulpaso) also shows that responsibility, not chaos, is what it takes to raise a pet, following Minus the dinosaur’s tearful part-time job.

Edupet companion animal education.  Provided by Edupet

Edupet companion animal education. Provided by Edupet

It is also recommended to receive education on animals.

An increasing number of local governments are running programs related to dog education. ‘Seocho Animal Love Center’ in Seocho-gu, Seoul connects the adoption of abandoned dogs and provides online and offline dog training education. Opened in June 2020 in Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, ‘Uiseong Pet World’ accepts school applications, informs children about pet etiquette and corrects problematic behaviors with pets. You can start with dogs and expand your interest to all animal rights. Animal rights activist ‘kara’ ( hosts ‘visiting animal rights education’ for elementary and middle school students. During the first half of this year, I met children 40 times in 16 institutions. Kara said, “The number of schools applying for respect of life education is increasing as minors are involved in animal cruelty crimes recently.” ‘Where did my clothes come from?’ ‘How do stray cats live?’ It provides age appropriate topics such as ‘Adopt a pet, don’t buy one’ and ‘How to respect animals while eating’. Class reviews such as “The state of the dog factory is shocking”, “I don’t want to go to the zoo” and “I want to try a vegetarian diet” have been posted. Applications for the second half of the year have been accepted online since the 8th. There is also ‘Tinkara’, an education program for teenagers who act for animal rights. For 4 days, various topics such as wild cats, experimental animals, and animals on display will be discussed. Ahead of this year’s local elections, teenage activists submitted a policy questionnaire for the superintendent’s candidate asking for mandatory education on animal rights and a vegetarian meal once a week. In addition, the Kip-Kip Library (located in Mapo-gu, Seoul) operated by KARA is a collection of books related to animals, and recommends books that children as well as adults can read. “When I’m resting, I don’t want to be quietly disturbed. Animals do too. They don’t come close” (‘We have the same mind’). On YouTube, people in dog and cat costumes dance to the song. This is an animal rights lullaby ‘Music Video’ released by the Korea Center for Human and Animal Welfare Education (Kohai). They teach you the things you need to stroll through nursery rhymes. “Did you bring your leash, name tag, water, and toiletry bag? Let’s go for a walk~” (‘Walking is fun’). Kim So-min Freelance writer

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