EEC Automation Park, Burapha University, think outside the box, meeting the needs of the construction workforce in automation

EEC Automation Park is a learning center and workforce development center for automation and robotics. Located in the Faculty of Engineering Burapha University Received funding for the establishment of the Eastern Special Development Zone Policy Office (OHEC) or EEC to improve skills Upgrading production technology in Thailand to become Industry 4.0 as one of the centers for personnel development networks in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC NETs).

On the usable area of ​​2,400 square meters, which includes LEARNING CENTER A smart factory model line learning control center that combines the introduction of factory automation technology. and information technology together TRAINING CENTER Training center to develop personnel skills to join the Thai industry Focus on learning outcomes in Industry 4.0 or eF@ctory and CO-CREATION SPACE A space for SME entrepreneurs, industrial sectors, System Integrators, and Startup groups to participate in activities with experts and automation park networks.

Paiboon Limpitipanich
Paiboon Limpitipanich Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Burapha University As Director of EEC Automation Park

Paiboon Limpitipanich Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Burapha University As the Director of the EEC Automation Park updated the progress at the EEC NETs Center Seminar on Thursday, 8 September 2022 at the Cape Racha Hotel that the EEC Automation Park received funding for construction. which is an integrated budget from the EEC worth 42.2 million baht to improve the existing construction area, which is an open area Providing tools to create an ecosystem or business in various industries. especially supporting small and medium industrial groups or SMEs The spark of the EEC has made the center become a dependency for industries that want to develop into the 4.0 system Entrepreneurs, students, people, new businesses travel to visit the centre. past, thousands of people to learn automation Seek advice and counsel from experts at the center. At the same time, large industrial sectors have provided learning and information equipment to this center, such as Mitsubishi Electric, worth hundreds of millions of baht. Until it is considered to be more successful than expected.

“At the start of construction we thought the EEC Automation Park was too big. But as of today, it’s starting to get too narrow. Because many people are interested in coming to see the automation system, various tools and consulting on the development of automation from many experts,” said Dr Paiboon.

Another highlight of the EEC Automation Park is the opportunity from Burapha University. to the center in special projects The Director of the Center has the power to manage comprehensively. Can earn income on your own can write the center’s regulations on your own This makes it flexible to move forward with activities with various partners such as networking with EECI’s Digital Valley depa holds training sessions to create awareness and understanding for different SME factories to understand the 4.0 system and develop machines to be low cost automation systems. Sending personnel to train to develop skills to support the new industry The EEC Model Type B course was developed with the support of the EEC HDC Coordinating Working Group on Personnel Development in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) from the EEC supports a certain amount of budget to provide training to the target industries. The “half a person” model means that the EEC pays half of the training fees. The other half of the companies that send their employees in for training are paid.

“Previously, we had a course planned in collaboration with TGI and TARA on systems analysis to improve new processes in the factory. Focusing mainly on SMEs, it is a 17 day course with speakers from TGI and Tara. Including the network of Automation Parks to create knowledge and understanding We know that a large number of people want to follow this course. It is a course that will enter the EEC Type B Model project, training 4-5 days at a time and going to do practical work for customers. Set targets for training to develop skills for personnel entering the industry. Especially the skills in robotics and automation can be about 2,000 people / year, and within 5 years, up to 15,000 skilled personnel will be born, raising the level for Thailand to enter the era of advanced innovation. and the continuous creation of Smart Factory 4.0 in the EEC area.”

Dr Paiboon said that apart from robots and automation systems the center also works with partners to develop digital platforms. Solutions are sold to factories that need to be used in the production of products. There is a traveling show in the industrial estate. Ask what the factory needs to improve the system. Most of the Thai SME industry is still a manual system. Or if it’s an automation system, it’s a small automation. Therefore, the technique must be used for further development. It brings supply to meet demand. Or if a factory wants to make carbon credits, how do they do it? how to how it is useful from experts to provide information and advice As well as creating benefits for the industry It is also another way of generating income for the centre.

“To survive in the modern world We cannot do it alone because we are not good at everything But if there are good partners to work together we can complete the mission successfully,” concluded the director of the EEC Automation Park.

EEC Automation Park is a joint campaign between EEC and educational institutions. It is an automation collaboration network center. Robots and digital This will be an important foundation for driving industrial development in the EEC area to become a smart factory. Respond to the development of production processes that reduce costs, add value, create appropriate labor skills and are worth the investment. Create a complete range of innovations

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