Efforts to strengthen global partnership between Celltrion and Samsung Biologics at Bio USA

Celltrion and Samsung BioLogics participated in the ‘Bio International Convention 2023 (Bio USA)’ held in Boston, USA, revealing their corporate vision and revealing their will for global growth.

According to Celltrion and Samsung Biologics on the 6th, Bio USA, which celebrated its 30th year this year, is a global pharmaceutical and biofield event, and is the best place for companies’ technological competitiveness and brand promotion activities.

Through this convention, Celltrion announced its goal of expanding its global territories this year and taking a leap forward from a biosimilar to a pharmaceutical company.

In particular, platform technology for new method discovery, including subsequent biosimilar pipelines, and a wide range of new drug areas such as antibody drug combinations, double antibodies, and novel antibody drugs are explored for potential partners with relevant technologies and plans to discuss joint development

A Celltrion official said, “We are reviewing different ways to expand our business, such as joint development, open innovation, and M&A, as well as strengthening our own development competitiveness to jump beyond a biosimilar to a development company new drugs.”

Samsung BioLogics also announced its corporate vision at the Bio USA press conference.

Samsung Biologics CEO Jon Lim announced that the target operation of the 5th factory will be developed in April 2025.

Through this, the plan is to respond pre-emptively to the growing demand for CDMO, and realize a large gap through a very rapid expansion of CAPA in response to new contracts with customers and an increase in the number of existing contracts.

CEO Jon Lim said, “The construction period for the 5th factory has been reduced due to the accumulated knowledge about the construction of the factory. In building 4 factories over the last 10 years, we have used the design cookie approach that integrates best practices,” he said.

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