EGAT-Innopower Joins forces to penetrate the EV business by opening a new charging station in Muang Thong Thani | 39th Thailand International Motor Expo 2022

EGAT joins forces with Inno Power Company Limited to move forward in the electric vehicle (EV) business by selling and installing EV chargers to support the country’s target industries towards a low carbon society. New EleX pop up by EGAT charging station in Muang Thong Thani, including 13 parking spaces, ready to invite you to test the product. and services of companies in the EGAT group that meet all the lifestyles of EV users at the Motor Expo 2022 between 1-12 December.

Boonyanit Wongrakmit, Governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), revealed that the key objectives of the EGAT Group are to stimulate investment in electric vehicle products and services of companies in the EGAT group with an important aim to promote the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem (EV Ecosystem) and support the country’s target industries according to the 30@30 policy, including the expansion of EleX by EGAT charging stations, the development of the EleXA application and the charging station management operating system (BackEN), including joining the hands of Leading business partners from Spain imports high-efficiency EV chargers under the Wallbox brand, which will help build more confidence among Thai people when deciding to use EVs. EGAT aims to expand EleX by EGAT charging stations and partner stations this year, totaling more than 100 stations , covering the journey of EV users in each region In addition, EGAT has also teamed up with other service providers to link the location information of each camp’s charging stations l with the EleXA application to facilitate Convenience for EV users to find charging stations. As well as expanding the BackEN operating system service, helping to manage a complete range of charging stations for those interested in charging station investments. Regarding the distribution of EV Wallbox chargers, EGAT has assigned Inno Power Co., Ltd., a company in EGAT Group, to be the main business unit. to support the future growth of the electric vehicle business

On the same occasion, the Governor of EGAT together with Paul Kanjanapas, CEO of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co, Ltd also inaugurated the EleX by EGAT charging station jointly developed to serve EV users coming to use the service in the area of ​​the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre, Muang Thong Thani, by providing services for 2 stations, a total of 13 parking spaces in 2 areas, namely 1) the construction area Indoor car park P1, Challenger Building Mae’ n charging station for charging at normal speed, Normal Charge AC, parking spaces 9. 2) in the Novotel Hotel parking area. It is a DC fast charging station with a capacity of 60-125 kW, including 4 parking spaces, which will make this area become the public electric charging station with the highest number of chargers in Nonthaburi.

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Athip Tantivorawong, Executive Chairman of Innopower Co, Ltd, added that Innopower aims to create an innovative energy business that meets environmental and social needs. We want to create a positive experience for charging electric vehicles. The two parts of an EV charger and a charging station management system Electric vehicle chargers now not only charge electric vehicles. But it has to satisfy the different lifestyles of EV users with the Wallbox therefore being considered a charger. The most intelligent EV (Gwerwr EV Smart), European standard, compact, modern, suitable for all types of decorations, and the Wallbox is also designed to make every electric charge the most worthwhile. Because it can choose to automatically charge electricity during low electricity rates. Compatible with clean energy such as solar cells AND average power when charging to prevent excessive use of electricity when using multiple cars at the same time In addition, the installation of the Wallbox is also certified for safe installation by EGAT. Innopower is ready to play a role in pushing the country’s ecosystem and ensuring that all groups of EV users move the country forward. A sharp, low-carbon, sustainable future

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for product highlights And EV services from companies in the EGAT group at the Motor Expo 2022 will allow those interested to experience the use of EV in daily life from their homes. During the journey in the rest area and charge the car before continuing to the destination such as

* Test the Wallbox Pulsar Max model, the new compact EV charger. But the power is greater than yourself. Due to fast charging Supports a power distribution of 7.4-22 kW, excellent with innovative energy management in the house to help reduce costs and promote the use of green energy in the accommodation to be more efficient. It is also designed to be durable to use and easier to install, thereby reducing installation costs.

* Travel conveniently and confidently using an EV through EleX by the EGAT charging station and the EleXA application that covers the main roads in all regions with DC Fast Charge, convenient for every trip. Including department stores, hospitals, golf courses, government agencies

* Saw a business opportunity for those interested in investing in charging stations with the BackEN system that will take care of, give advice, help station owners manage and expand their business more easily. You can also become part of the network of EleX by EGAT charging stations.

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Boonyanit Wongrakmit, Governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

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Paul Kanjanapas, CEO, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.

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