EGAT raises EGAT+Wallbox to invade Motor Expo to build confidence that Thai people who use EVs need to have chargers!

Saturday, 04 December 2021, 00:01

EGAT raises EGAT+Wallbox to invade Motor Expo to build confidence that Thai people who use EVs need to have chargers!

The electric car trend in Thailand is still hot. When the government prepares to leverage measures to encourage more Thai people to use electric cars Along with the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles, especially electric charging stations which is an important factor that will help change Thailand from the era “Internal Combustion Cars (Oil Fuel)” to the “Electric Vehicles” Era that Drives Clean Energy Faster Making electric cars become the hero of the 38th Motor Expo, or Motor Expo 2021, while the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has raised an army of electric vehicle charging cabinets to reinforce its commitment to being a charger. Number 1 in the hearts of Thai people in both public and residential areas to build confidence for electric vehicle users

160 million baht to expand EleX by EGAT station

The expansion of EleX by EGAT charging stations is an important infrastructure that EGAT continues to move forward. In 2022, it plans to invest more than 160 million baht to build 50-60 more EleX by EGAT stations. Thai people will see the EleX by EGAT station on the main and secondary roads. Government offices, hospitals, shopping malls, golf courses and important areas, including more than 100 stations to support the increase of electric cars. Where to find charging stations, reserve chargers and pay with the EleXA application

Reinventing EV charging in public places

Supernova is a new generation of intelligent DC Fast Charger under the brand EGAT + Wallbox that EGAT brings to Thai people to see for the first time at the Motor Expo 2021. The design is optimized for the highest power capacity of most electric vehicles on the market today. Can supply up to 60 kW of power, supports all car chargers, both CCS and CHAdeMo, using only 15 minutes to charge, can run 100 kilometers, making charging electric cars in public places more convenient

Supernova fast charging charger

The highlight of the Supernova is that users can later upgrade the power supply module to 100 kW without having to buy a new charger. and has an intelligent energy management system that saves high energy This makes small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in electric charging stations need less investment. Faster break-even It is also expected that the prices that will be sold simultaneously worldwide in the first quarter of 2022 will be 40 – 50% cheaper than the same chargers. EGAT also plans to install a Supernova fast charger inside. EleX by EGAT station to be expanded in 2022 as well

Answer all EV charging problems in the house

EGAT also has a small electric vehicle charger (AC Normal Charge) under the brand EGAT + Wallbox in models Pulsar Plus, Copper SB, Commander 2 and Quasar, with power sizes ranging from 7.4 – 22 kW. Charging about 1 – 3 hours, focusing on answering the problem of charging electric vehicle users from their homes in a simple way. Just control and control electric vehicle users through the myWallbox application to collect usage data. charging time including electricity bills as well EGAT’s team, which has expertise in electrical systems, will design, calculate power, transformer sizes, and install equipment. as well as after-sales care services for users to be confident It is also cheaper than the market approximately. 10,000-30,000 baht, making Wallbox currently installed for more than 200 customers, as well as preparing to expand the customer base in real estate, hotels and tourist attractions to support the opening of the country as well.

Wallbox installation and consulting services by EGAT’s team

Start charging your EV with clean energy.

Going a step further with Eco-Smart, a smart electric vehicle charging technology in the Pulsar Plus or Copper SB models, users can choose to charge from green energy like solar cells, thus helping to save more on electricity bills.

How the Wallbox Eco-Smart System Works

Many privileges at Motor Expo 2021

Those who purchase all Wallbox chargers (except Quasar) at the Motor Expo 2021 will receive a special discount of up to 4,000 baht and receive a free EleXA point that can be used as a discount for charging electric vehicles at the EleX by EGAT station or as a discount. Exchange for products participating in the promotion in the EleXA application. You can visit EGAT’s electric vehicle products and services at booth H05-1, Challenger 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani between 1-12 December 2021 or ask for more information at and Line ID : @egatwallbox

EGAT is confident that products and services under the “EGAT EV Business Solutions” business will be another cog that creates the EV Ecosystem, creating convenience for electric vehicle users. And it is an incentive to make more Thai people use electric cars in the country in the future.


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