Eh-Benz, splashing drama, boiling competition for unity In the midst of lustful fire in “Blood Khaki”

Because of this incident, the organizer Eh has collaborated on the plot with the author of the poem himself. Ready to send strength to clash with talented young actors “Benz-Punyaporn” he will be coming to a splash slash slash words fight Fight your brains along with the industry’s leading actors such as “Kelly-Thanapat” has to play the role of a flirtatious hothead “Khet – Army Base” Represents a man who loves one warmth, along with the role actors “Bowling Riddle” At the same time, a young female protagonist “Natalie Panalee” Came to work with Channel 8 for the first time after being an independent actor Splicing a dark hero “Indy-In Touch” is being transformed into a full-length drama for the first time with Channel 8’s rising star heroine “Sara Chatchaya” He will come to turn the first important character Having said that, everyone must be surprised by his leaping performance development.

Strengthen the army with quality actors like Kate-Tiyada, Bass-Kerikchai, Benz-Pisitphon, Earth-Nattanan, Mae-Eed-Duangjai Hataikan, Prae-Ratchani, Minc-Trinda Karnasut, Tor- Ruangrit, Kaset Champadib Etc Script by Pensiri TV script by Tha-Wadee Sathityuthkan Directed by Phumiphat Sangwanvorakul

“Eh-Isriya” role Thanthip For the drama, Khaki blood is something very special. Because Eh is responsible for the organizer and the actor. But that Eh will come back to play the drama. Of course, the episode had to be special. Because the Thanthip chapter is something very challenging. Because this character is full of flavor, both are pathetic, bad, sad, it’s the end of every road, and I’m very proud to have a conflict with my acting skills with my brothers and sisters, skilled actors ok I’m sure this drama is considered a return to dignity and to return profit to the fans of the drama

“Benz-Punyaporn” role bearings Benz admits, how much we have, we are dedicated. We give the whole lap Because Khaki blood is another drama Benz plays a very heavy drama. For the role of the cartridge is a young woman with a pathetic life. He had to be patient, to fight, to do whatever it took to survive. for this We are honored to play and clash with P’Ae. Let me tell you it is something that is very hot. I want everyone to wait and watch the scene where we reach the breaking point where we have to confront P’Eh about the child. Make sure you cry on. and pity for the life of the character whose name is definitely a cartridge

“Kelly-Thanapat” role Manas This is another story I have worked with Channel 8 for the role of Manat another challenging role for me. If anyone has seen him, many people would think that Manat is a bad person, spoiled, flirting, but in a bad way. If you want anything, you have to get it. He had some very sad things in his life. I really like this character. Because it’s very colorful, very angry, very dramatic, full of flavor, and it’s fun. who has played with many skilled actors like Eh Khet Benz Bowling I can assure you that the audience will see something fun. In that scene of course

“Khet Army Base” role Mr for the role of Manoj If you compare everyone is fire Manosh is like water that comforts. because he will be the most measured person in the matter But in his excitement, he was not the one who always gave in. If someone comes to insult him or someone he loves He was ready to strike immediately. It’s one of those roles that I enjoyed playing and I fell in love with this character too. In the story, I’m going to be in a scene with Kelly. with sister bowling often Can feel the power of siblings It’s very good It’s very emotional, especially bowling, I want everyone to watch the scene where me and my sister have to be dramatic. It is very cruel. I don’t want to miss this scene and every scene in the khaki blood drama.

Follow along to watch the intense fun in “Blood Khaki” broadcast every Monday – Thursday at 8:30 pm on Channel 8, press number 27, starting Monday, October 3, 2022.

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