Home Entertainment “Eh Jirakon” is a person who is afraid of his wife. Ready to reveal the reason for stopping the buck For fear of karma?

“Eh Jirakon” is a person who is afraid of his wife. Ready to reveal the reason for stopping the buck For fear of karma?

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20 July 2021 – 18:57

“Eh Jirakon” is a person who is afraid of his wife. Ready to reveal the reason for stopping the buck For fear of karma?

The vocalist for Eh Jirakon, who today takes his beautiful wife Chompoo Waranya to reveal a love path that lasts for more than 11 years, along with a heavy flirting karma. But now stop flirting for fear of calamity and revealing a fortune teller to greet the spirit of the child who has miscarried Through the hot talk show on Channel 31 with Peggy Srithanya and Boom Supaporn as the hosts of the program

Brother Eh, what is the problem with covid?
Eh : Zero income. have to find income from other sources to replace the lost income

Covid has stopped being a singer. but make other careers pop How many careers have you come up with?
Eh : Now 6 occupations sell grilled shrimp and have a clothing store, but the mall is closed and there is a record label. music school and then make a mouse spray then the 6th career I’m still singing.

What are you selling now?
Eh : Usually there are 3 people’s cars, wife’s car, children’s car, and my car. Our car has been parked for 2 years now. It rusts up, the tire is flat, so we sell it. We will have a chance to go back to buy and work again. because there is no job right now And I’m selling condos in Chiang Mai. because he didn’t go Why did you buy it and didn’t understand it? And then there is another Sai Mai house. but not after the address Well, I’m a bad money collector. So I used the method my parents told me, eh, buy a lot of stuff, have a lot of debt, eh, so that I can work.

P’Chompoo also supports P’Eh?
Chompoo : Yes, we are like the back of the house for him too. keep an eye on the cost But now everything is zero. The savings we have to take out.

Did you see that your son brought a piggy bank to his parents?
Chompoo: We will talk to him. Said that now we have to save. toys that used to be May have to buy once a month. or may not be there because his father had no job. Then he was like three brothers and sisters, then went and carried his own piggy bank. and say it’s okay He gave his father everything.
Eh: I’m glad that day. I came home and saw him doing this. At least we taught him how to save money.

How do we encourage each other?
Chompoo: We hugged, talked, encouraged him. Well, it’s not just our families that are affected, this is everyone. all countries around the world is that he received them all we can only be patient does not create an additional burden of problems for society
Eh: I try to struggle, sell here, sell this, don’t be shy to cook.

How did the couple meet for the first time?
Eh: The first time we met, I played in a restaurant. At that time, it was Eh Jirakon, but no one remembers.
Chompoo: I’ve seen his MV. But when I go to see the real person, I can’t remember. It’s not on the cover. So I asked my friend to ask for my number.

When a friend asks for a number Do we know that he owns this song yet?
Chompoo: I don’t know. I’m at the last table. From the front of the stage is very far from each other. I saw handsome at that time. and a friend brought it and say that you don’t like it because it’s very short Shorter than me, I told you to talk to me. Let’s go first. Fix it. When we were heartbroken, we talked.
Eh: It’s been gone for months. after asking for number
Chompoo : We talked for 3 months before we met.

Originally, Khun Chompoo didn’t really think about me too seriously?
Chompoo : I’m a person who hasn’t thought of a family picture since time immemorial. It’s ok to be a normal girlfriend, so we study together. I haven’t thought of a wedding picture or having a family, having children.

Pee Eh, this is the most flirting?
Eh: How many rounds of the game is better?
Chompoo: We talked about giving 3 chances to make a mistake. When I had a younger brother together, he did it twice, and then the third time. he asked for a chance We let him think first, it’s okay. If we can’t go together, then it’s parents and children. It’s okay. He drove back from our house. then call and cry He felt very bad. with what he did He wanted to ask for one more chance. After this he will 0-1000 for us, for our children.
Eh: After that, no more games.

What keeps me from doing it again?
Eh: I have a daughter too. Afraid of its fate We were born into an imperfect family. and think that if you do this, then it will happen again and again. It’s better for yourself. Doing it is a problem.

So how do we catch it?
Chompoo : This is the first time from traveling here. a person who travels The woman tried to show herself through various channels, and he stopped himself. The second time, the customer as well. But this one is a bit stronger. is to put on a bra and take a picture and send it to me Then asked if he had gained weight. The third time, no, we won’t take it anymore. We are pregnant, we have changed. But we didn’t do anything wrong, we told our father, told our mother that it was like this. Then we cry. That’s enough, but ask him first if he’s ready to adjust. If he’s not okay, it’s parents and children. He thinks and says okay, he’s enough.

Khun Chompoo is very good at stopping this guy. In the past, he had a motto that not being AIDS is already a merit?
Eh : Some days when it’s a party, we don’t know where it’s taken by our friends. Where are you waking up?
Chompoo : He is a person who is broken.
Eh: But before the pub closes in the morning at 5 am, we play the last break, 2 am. Then 3 am. After playing, everything is gone.

Woke up with a question in my head. where do you sleep and sleeping with who Did you see that it changed every day?
Eh: Yes, with some men. with some women

Have you ever shuffled the most tracks one day?
Eh: Probably 2-3 people. It was really like that when they were teenagers. In the 90s, when the first game, BB phone threw it away.

Do you see that they fight often?
Chompoo: Many things, he drinks, when he’s drunk, he likes to annoy. like he came back He wore the spirit of a foreign teacher to awaken his child. Before, I didn’t dare to speak. But when covid is really living together If I don’t talk, I can’t take it anymore. I slapped in the middle of my wings. If he didn’t do this, he wouldn’t stop.

Are you afraid of your wife?
Eh: I’m afraid. He’s a person who, if there’s nothing. If not true At first he would be silent. We are afraid of very quiet women. What are we better to say?
Chompoo : I’m worried about him. When I go out for a drink, there is an incident where I went to a famous restaurant near Ekkamai, Thonglor. I almost got ganged up on him. When he drinks, he will be friendly with everyone. even people do not know He will think that everyone is his friend.

As everyone knows there are 3 children?
Chompoo : Anya, PJ and Cherine

3 children, are you naughty?
Eh: Naughty, we hit each other every day.

And what’s left of the 5 people?
Chompoo: Well, two sisters lost before the second. is a pregnant rat but an ectopic pregnancy which we do not know what is Had to give birth to the baby when he was 4 months old, if we didn’t cut it out, the mother would die. Had to cut off one side of the cervix. The other one was before the third person who gave birth. At that time, she was pregnant, but fell out. At that time, a fortune teller came to greet P’Eh that there was always a child’s spirit following him. There must be someone else because he came to ask me to make merit for him to want to be born as our child Brother Ae came to ask for me.
Eh: Yes, there is one wing of the uterus. The condition was bad too.
Chompoo: But in the end, the younger came.

Do you have anything to tell your wife?
Eh: Thank you very much for bringing my life to this flow. Family life without him Being serious about life, will it happen to me? He was the one who made me stay erratic.
Chompoo wants to stay healthy because he worked very hard

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Interview clip of Eh Jirakon – Chompoo’s wife

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