Eight Chinese and Russian military aircraft entered and exited the ROK Air Defense Identification Zone

Korean military fighter jets respond with an emergency sortie

Chinese Defense Ministry Announces China-Russia Joint Strategic Air Patrol

The Shangri-La Dialogue Opportunity Features the Korea-US-Japan Cooperative Response

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2020 Russia-China joint training video | Russian Ministry of Defense YouTube catch

Memorial Day, the 6th Eight Chinese and Russian military aircraft successively entered the Korean Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ) in the South Sea and East Sea, and then departed, and military fighter jets responded by making an emergency sortie.

“From 11:52 am to 1:49 pm on this day, four Chinese military aircraft and four Russian military aircraft entered Cadiz consecutively and left Cadiz in the South Sea and the East Sea,” said the Joint -Heads of Staff in a text message notification sent. to reporters “There was no airspace attack,” he said.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff explained, “Our military identified Chinese and Russian military aircraft even before they entered Cadiz, and implemented tactical measures to prepare for emergencies by using Air Force fighter jets.”

An air defense identification zone is an arbitrary line established to identify and respond early to military aircraft approaching their own airspace. It is a different concept from airspace, which includes the airspace over the territory and territorial waters of individual countries.

It is known as international practice that military aircraft entering another country’s air defense identification zone submit a flight plan to the country in advance and notify the location upon entry.

Previously, on the same day, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense announced through its official WeChat channel (the Chinese version of KakaoTalk), “China and Russia conducted the 6th joint strategic air patrol in airspace involving the East Sea and the East China Sea on the 6th based on the annual cooperation plan between the militaries of the two countries.” he said. The patrol was held in the midst of strengthening unity between Korea, the United States, and Japan following the Asian Security Conference (Shangri-La Dialogue) held in Singapore on the 2nd and 4th. South Korea, the United States and Japan have agreed to implement a real-time warning information sharing system for North Korean missiles by the end of this year. In addition, National Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop criticized China and Russia for “ignoring North Korea’s illegal behavior.”

Analysts say that as cooperation between South Korea, the United States and Japan strengthens in the face of North Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations, they are responding by affirming North Korea, China and Russia.

Chinese and Russian military aircraft flew in and out of Cadiz in May and November last year. China alone entered Cadiz last January and then left.


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