Eight operations did not fall, Anhui amputee teenager scored 684 points in the college entrance examination! _Zhou Tong

Original title: 8 operations did not fall, Anhui amputee teenager scored 684 points in the college entrance examination!

In 2019, Zhou Tong, a teenager in Lu’an, Anhui, who was in his second year of high school, had an opportunity to take the college entrance examination in advance, but due to an accident, he lost his calf and missed this opportunity. In June of this year, Zhou Tong took the college entrance examination as he wished. On the 23rd, he found the college entrance examination score, 684 points (science and engineering), ranking 171 in Anhui Province!

On September 22, 2019, an overloaded heavy muck truck rushed onto the green belt and smashed over Zhou Tong’s left leg. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, Zhou Tong underwent 8 operations before and after, and Zhou Tong’s left calf was amputated.

Zhou Tong once ranked fifth in the county in the senior high school entrance examination. In his first year of high school, he participated in the national middle school students’ ability demonstration activities in mathematics, science and chemistry, and won the provincial first prize in the three disciplines of mathematics, physics and chemistry. I thought that Zhou Tong’s studies would be delayed, but two days after the operation, while still in the intensive care unit, he asked his family to come to the school to collect textbooks. Soon after, he started to teach himself courses in the hospital.

As Zhou Tong’s body gradually recovered, he installed a prosthesis. In April 2020, he, who could have applied for a leave of absence, returned to the classroom on crutches, and continued to attack the goal of the college entrance examination.

After returning to school, 39 students in the class took turns to help him with tuition, and 6 teachers set up a small group for him. Because of restricted mobility, special students helped him up and downstairs and accompanied him from school. Zhou Tong also made stricter demands on himself. After leaving the classroom for nearly 7 months, he made up for the missing courses bit by bit.

It is worth mentioning that on June 1 this year, Zhou Tong passed the preliminary review of Tsinghua University’s special program for higher education-the self-improvement plan, and was shortlisted for the written test.

Teacher Li from the admissions team of Tsinghua University said, “We are also very touched!” As Zhou Tong participated in Tsinghua’s self-improvement plan before, Li said that Zhou Tong should have been recognized for self-improvement, and his college entrance examination scores are also very good. problem.

Netizens praised Zhou Tong one after another: “Too inspirational!” “Time will not disappoint people who work hard.”CCTV News Hefei Radio and Television StationReturn to Sohu to see more


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