Eins Special Online System, HP PC / Smart OLED Viewer

Eins System will be participating in the G Market Digital Equipment Grand Auction / Auction until the 14th. During this period, you can find products prepared at a special discount. It was created to commemorate the graduation and admission season.

The main products are HP OMEN gaming laptop, VICTUS gaming desktop / notebook product line, gaming monitor product line, HP all-in-one PC, and 13.3 OLED wired / wireless portable monitor launched in October last year, Smart OLED Viewer.

You can get up to 40% off through 15% basic digital home appliance big sale coupons, duplicate coupons, and card discounts.

Omen 16-K0076TX features a 12th generation Intel i7-12700H processor, NVIDIA RTX3060 graphics card, DDR5 16GB, QHD resolution / 165Hz refresh rate display.

Smart OLED Viewer, the only portable monitor that can wirelessly connect to equipment and display, is a 13.3 OLED portable monitor that can be enjoyed wirelessly through a wired connection to an Android smartphone and a USB cable Type-C or wirelessly via Bluetooth (Wi-Fi).

By Hyundong Editor Kim Hyundong.Kim@weeklypost.kr

Editor Kim Shinkang Shinkang.kim@weeklypost.kr

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