Ekachai reveals the words that Father Waiphot calls the last time, very worried, wants everyone to inherit

Ekachai pays homage to the corpse with tears in his eyes Open your heart to your words. Father is synonymous with the last call. very worried and worried I want everyone to help each other inherit.

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On January 14, ’65 at Wat Wang Nam Yen, Wang Nam Yen Subdistrict, Bang Pla Ma District, Suphan Buri Province, Wat Ban Ban, the venue for the prayer ceremony for Waiphot Petchsuphan, a national artist. Performing Arts in the first night with Mr. Nuttawut Prasit Suwan MPs in the area preside over candles and incense, and there is One Universe, a famous composer. Along with artists Ekachai Sriwichai, Kwanjit Sriprachan, Aod ForeS, Tossaphon Himmaphan, Sodsai Rungphothong, and artists in the luk thung music industry, comedian Mitruk Fan of Waiphot, came to join the prayer ceremony on the first night for a number of There is also Aod Four S singing the song of Father Waiphot Phetsuphan to pay respects at the funeral.

Ekachai Sriwichai revealed that when he heard the news, he was shocked and deeply saddened. I didn’t think that my father would leave so quickly, that is, my father would always talk to each other on LINE. until the last month My father didn’t answer the line at all. I just came to know later from one universe that Father ordered not to tell anyone that he was sick. Father has sent him a textbook for making Kwan Nak. because of the past We went to sing along with you. Let’s go see Kwan Nak making in father’s style. which the kwan nak Father is very worried and worried. and would like everyone to help each other inherit

which he told me that I want you to learn to make Kwan Nak and then enter the southern language To put music in the southern style, my father thought for me and told me to practice. During that time, my father called me to ask all the time. whether you study or not By asking through the manager. Brother until I told you that I haven’t practiced yet, Dad. which I do not want because I’ve heard an ancient saying that If the senior gives it, give this one, take it, don’t take it, because it seems like they’ll leave us. I did not dare to speak to you. shortly after He called and asked all the time, asking to talk to him, talking to him as his last word.

Ekachai, with tears in his eyes, continued, “Will you let your father die first?” to study Listening to these words, oppa is so heartbroken. We really don’t have time for tomorrow. We really don’t have time to extend it until tomorrow. And indeed, Dad’s gone. From now on, I will begin to study the textbooks that my father gave me. I will do everything in the southern style. as the father left

Father Waiphot is a lovely and kind person who always invites him to come and sleep at his house. He didn’t come, told me he had no time, was very sad. Today I went to tell you next to the coffin. that I have come but very saddened to come to see him at the end of his life I regret that Don’t wait for the time to say I love you every day. From now on I will keep the synonym father in my memory. A master artist, a great role model in my heart forever.


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