“Ekaphon” strengthens the muscles, picks up the championship, closes the bodybuilding “Elite Physics” at Samui.


For the first time at Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province Must be in silence because of the poisoning “COVID-19” despite being the most famous tourist province in the world of Thailand. Each year there are many tourists who travel to each other in a bustling manner.

However, for the bodybuilding competition, “Thailand International Elite Championship 2020” in the forecourt Central Festival Samui Shopping Center, Surat Thani Province At the Bodybuilding and Fitness Association of Thailand Together with Koh Samui Suratthani Organize a competition up To revive the buzz of Koh Samui After experiencing the loneliness of the entire island

Which is considered effective The economy of Samui is quite active during this period of more than 200 athletes with followers, family, friends who raised each other as a whole family. Causing the economy during the 3-4 days where there is a rather energetic competition

Bodybuilding Competition “Thailand International Elite Championship 2020” in the forecourt Central Festival Samui Shopping Center, Surat Thani Province, on 22 Nov. ago. It is the second day of competition, entering the final day of this competition. For the last day There are a total of 9 contests for male bodybuilding, weight up to 80 kg, 1st “Omelet”, Ekaphol Sukthong, World Champion Athletic Physics of 2019 at Chiang Mai, 2nd Chumpol Somboon 3, Wiraphong Samutphipat at 4 Phattaphon Chiewwiriyakun

Male bodybuilding, weight not over 65 kg, the championship belongs to Phawandorn Sangthong, 2nd Chai Phiphat Liutrakul, World Champion Athletic Physics of the year 2019 at Chiang Mai, 3rd Dej Chana, Ends Suffering 4, Sompong Son Noi No.5 Rawut Charoensuk, male bodybuilding, weight up to 70 kg, 1st Pongsiri Phrakhin 2, Akadech Phonaram, 3rd Thien Phaeo, Khunthot 4, Achirawat Niyomdecha, male bodybuilding Model weight not more than 75 kg. 1 Krittapas Chaengkrachang, 2 Kovit Virakit Mahanon, 3 Kevin Thompson (Australia), 4th Akrasit Muensri, male bodybuilding Overweight 80 kg, 1st Kittisak, 2nd degree, Daddy Wu Orinen (Finland) 3rd, Thong Suk 4th Division, Rachat Srisawat 5th, Urupong Wongarirat, Male bodybuilding, Master model, age 45 Year up 1, Kongthit Woracharoentanakun 2nd, Chanyut Thimthong, 3rd president, good location, 4th Chatchawan Mitprasit, 5th most Chai Ploypradab

Female physical models Model height not over 160 cm. 1, Kanokwan Kosawis ​​2, Bunluk Sanguanlikhitkul, No. 3, Matree Ruengsombat 4, Jetsuda Inthasri V, Edith Fendezac (Hungary), physical model Female Model height does not exceed 164 cm. 1st, Trirak Sa Pom Kaew, runner-up, Asia 2019 champion, “Thailand Isan Classic” 2nd, Sukanya Charoen Thanakitkul, 3rd, Dolaporn instead of Boonpairat, 4th Suwanna Suk all place 5 Thanyaporn Sudchaisiribul

Female physical models Model height over 164 cm. No. 1 “Kwang” Chanyapat Makes Paraphirom, 2018 World Champion, Champion of “Thailand Isan Classic”, 2nd Thanastha Epers, 3rd Netta Guanisara (Finland), 4th Sitathanakulnopakrit, 5th. Mica Fortesia (Australia)

Mr.Sukri Supawarikul, President of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Association of Thailand, said that for this competition, it can be considered as very successful as the association. Set a goal Especially in the part of tourism promotion To help restore the economy and tourism at this time Koh Samui has returned to bustle with bodybuilding competition.

“This competition management It has received the attention of athletes across the country. Both Thai athletes And foreign athletes Travel from all directions, including the North, the Central, the Northeast, the East, the West, and people in the South, including foreigners living in Thailand. Both male and female athletes have a lot of new athletes with good demeanor. Have the right to enter the national team in the future as well “

This year can be considered a successful conclusion to the “Thailand International Elite Championship 2020” bodybuilding competition that revitalized Koh Samui. Surat Thani Province has returned to respond to government policy. To promote tourism to be humming as in the past

For the following items It will be the Thailand Payap Classic from 19-20 December 2020 at Central Festival Chiang Mai.

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