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Elche vs Real Madrid 1-2 | Spanish La Liga results

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Spanish La Liga football match 2021/22 Elche, ranked 15th of the opening table, Estadio Martinez Valero, received the visit of Real Madrid, the second team of the crowd.

Today, the hosts use a 4-4-1-1 plan, with Raul Guti in charge of central midfield, Javier Pastare and Lucas Boye in front of the line, while the visiting team come in a 4-3-3 win system. Cius Junior, Rodrygo and Mariano Diaz form the top three.

The results of the competition appeared The White King’s warlords came in to win 2-1, scoring two goals from Vinicius Junior in the 22nd and 73rd minutes, while Elche returned from the reserve Pere Milla in the 86th minute by the game. This host has 10 players left in the 64th minute when Raul Guti gets a second yellow card, turning it into a red card and expelled from the field.

With this win, Real Madrid have risen to 24 points from 11 games and take the lead alongside Real Sociedad, while Elche has 10 points unchanged from 12 games.

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