“Elden Ring” Beginner’s Guide, Beginners’ Notes and Special Weapons Recommended in the Early Stage

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Produced by From Software, inheriting the spirit of “Demon’s Souls / Dark Souls”, the PS4/PS5/Xbox Seris X|S/PC masterpiece “Elden Ring” (Elden Ring) launched in February, its The difficulty can be called the peak of the recent game. Many players who are trying it for the first time may have been full of maliciousness in the early stage of the game (for example, the first boss is very strong, and the initial wild map will encounter another super strong The boss, etc., but in fact, these are not necessary to fight) to be frightened. Therefore, this time, we will bring you some practical guide content in the early stage. With the lack of sufficient explanations in the game, perhaps the following explanations will make it easier for you to survive in the world of “Ayrden’s Circle”.

Summoning spirits make combat easy

Elden Ring

Both pawns and boss battles in this game are extremely difficult, but in fact, the easiest way to overcome the maze is to connect through the game, contact the “golden sign” on the ground and invite players from other worlds to join in, and fight in a multi-personal way. It will be easier. However, for players who can’t access the Internet or only love a single player, another method is to use “Summon Bell” and “Bone Ash” to summon various spirits to help fight.

How to get the Summoning Bell:

  1. Reach the blessing location next to “Ruins before the level” to trigger the plot, talk to “Melina” and accept the conditions, you can use runes to improve abilities and levels, and get a spirit horse.

  2. Teleport back to the initial blessing location “Ile Church”, a witch appears on the wall, talk to her and get the “Summon Bell”, you can use the enemy’s ashes to summon the enemy to assist in the battle.

The ashes can be used indefinitely

“Ashes” seem to have a limited number, but in fact they can be recovered after each blessing rest. In addition, summoning can only be used in specific areas. Pay attention to the leftmost edge of the screen. When a “Stone Arch” pattern appears, it means that summoning can be used, and most of these areas are boss locations or mazes. It is recommended that you set the “Ashes” you want to use on the shortcut key, so that you can quickly summon it during boss battles.

How to Raise the Summoning Spirit Level

  1. Talk to the woman “Rodrika” in the hut of “Broken House in Storm Hill” (Nymgarford area, continue north after passing the storm level), she will ask the protagonist to send a message and give “Soul Jellyfish’s Ashes”.

  2. Enter “Stoneville City”, next to a room like a large kitchen, on a pile of meat guarded by dogs, get the special item “Relic of the Chrysalis”.

  3. Return to “The Ruined House in Storm Hills” and bring “The Relic of the Chrysalis” to Rodrika.

  4. Go to the Round Table Hall, talk to Rodrika repeatedly in front of the stove, and get the “Golden Seed”.

  5. Talk to the blacksmith Shugu in the Hall of the Round Table, select “About Rodrica”, go back to Rodrica after finishing, and convey the blacksmith’s words.

  6. Then talk to the blacksmith Xiugu, and keep selecting the above options until all are completed.

  7. Teleport to other areas and return to the Round Table Hall.

  8. Rodrika will open a shop in the blacksmith’s room. After talking to her, you can use items such as “Graveyard Lily of the Valley” to increase the level of the summoning spirit.

  9. The Graveyard Lily of the Valley can be found in the Underground Graveyard Labyrinth.

Modify armor and learn “Dragon Prayer”

Elden Ring

The armor of this work can be “modified” after obtaining a specific item “sewing needle”, and the attributes of the armor can be changed during the blessing rest. “Sewing needles” are graded. Advanced sewing needles can be found in the later stages of the game, and armor can have more attributes that can be changed. In the early stage, only simple changes such as “light equipment” can be performed.

The process of obtaining “Sewing Needle”:

  1. From the initial starting position, head to the sandy beach in the southwest.

  2. Walk south along the beach to find the “Coastal Cave”, please remember to bring a torch.

  3. After defeating the cave boss “Demi-Boss”, you can get “Tailor’s Tool” and “Sewing Needle”.

Go to Longfan Church to learn the special dragon prayer:

  1. After defeating the “Demiman Chief”, keep walking (don’t go back to the entrance), and leave the cave at the end to reach the small island in the south of the map.

  2. The center of the island can open the blessing “Dragon Church”.

  3. A dragon heart can be exchanged for a special prayer in the nearby altar, including powerful moves “Dragon Flame”, “Dragon Claw” and “Dragon Bite”.

  4. The Dragon Heart must be obtained by destroying the “Dragon” boss.

“Great Blessing” Round Table Hall

Elden Ring

When the player has completed the main line (going northwest along the Blessing Ray) to a certain level, they can enter the “Great Blessing” round table hall. In addition to buying basic equipment and props, blacksmiths can also forge weapons up to +25. Talk to “Cleric Colin” in the lobby to learn new prayers, and talk to “Twins” to buy a set of knight armor , basic weapons, and “Memory Stones” that increase magic/prayer memory locations (automatically increase memory locations after purchase, no equipment required), etc. In addition, there are many NPCs here who will provide side quests, but the content of the prompts is relatively vague, and it is up to the player to explore the direction of the quest by himself.

Procedure for entering the Round Table Hall:

  1. Go north from the “ruins before the level” and pass the “storm level”.

  2. Continue to go north towards “Stoneville City”. After eliminating a group of soldiers, you successfully enter the city and open the blessed location of the “Tunnel to the City”.

  3. Going up again, you meet the first boss of the main line: “Evil Omen Demon” Markit.

  4. Regardless of victory or defeat, when returning to the blessed location of the “Tunnel to the City” for a rest, Melina will reappear and automatically teleport the protagonist to the “Round Table Hall”.

learn magic

Prayer can be learned in the round table hall, “magic” will have to be learned in another location in the early stage to learn new skills. The following is a simple process:

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Basement of the Remains of Post Street
  1. Go east from the Blessing Site “North of Lake Aquil” and cross the stone bridge and the giant carts.

  2. Walking along the road to the south, you can find a dilapidated stone house on the hillside along the way, and you can find a group of poisonous flowers inside.

  3. After destroying the poisonous flower, go inside and find the stairs to the basement.

  4. After entering the basement, you will encounter the boss battle. After defeating it, you will be able to open the blessed location “The Basement of the Remnants of the Station Street”.

  5. After a certain door in the blessing location, you can find “The Magician Se Lian”, and you can learn basic magic after learning from her.

  6. In addition, if you find a magic scroll (such as the “Royal Scroll”) and give it to Seren, you can learn new magic moves.

Speed ​​brush experience Dafa

Elden Ring
Avoid the stone and watch it roll down the hill to earn 2000 XP.
Elden Ring
Location: Wren Mage Tower

Go west from the location of the blessing, and move along the path towards the stone bridge. Before reaching the cliff, there will be a big boulder rolling towards the protagonist. If you are hit, you will have a chance to die immediately; If the stone rolls down the hill and is destroyed, the player will automatically gain about 1900 experience points. After completion, open the map and teleport back to the blessed location of “Renn Mage Tower”, then you can start all over again and keep gaining experience. Note that if the stone is too far from the player, it will automatically disappear and will not give experience points, so make it deliberately roll down the hill, and not too far away. The whole process is very simple and takes no more than 10 seconds. You can use it a few times and earn more than 10,000 experience within a few minutes. (Currently available: 2022/2/28)

Initially recommended special weapons

Knife (Combat Skill: Iai, Cumulative Hemorrhage Scale 45)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Labyrinth “The Catacomb of Death”

Walk eastward from Stoneville City, and you can find this blessing location behind a door to the northwest of the “Saint Bridge” pass point. The knife is located in a skeleton in the cemetery and does not require knocking down the boss. In addition, the samurai has a sword from the beginning.

Iai’s moves are fast, powerful, and have a long distance, and they won’t be interrupted on the way.

Heavy Sword (Combat Skill: Penetration)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: “The Basement of the Remains of the Station Street” Southern Barracks

Go south from the Blessed Location “The Basement of the Remains of the Station Street”, you will find a military camp after going up the mountain, and you can get it from a treasure chest in the camp. Be careful of the magician on the mountain, you can take a detour from the side to eliminate the magician first.

The heavy sword belongs to the rapier type, and the combat technique “penetration” is a move that stores energy and then steps forward to stab, which can break through the enemy’s defense.

Portable Ballista (Combat Skill: Kick)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Forest Watchtower

From the ruins in front of the level, go southeast along the road. After crossing the “Sacrifice Bridge” in the south, look for a sentry tower “Forest Watchtower” on the southwest hillside, climb the stairs to the top of the tower, and search for the treasure chest to get this ballista.

Note that this weapon requires the use of “ballista arrows”, and must reach 30 force to use, high power and long range. The combat technique “Kick” can be used to break defenses.

Rusted Anchor (Combat Skill: Savage Roar)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Moen Tunnel

From “South of the Watchtower” to the southwest valley, after passing the poisonous flower, you can find the elevator leading to “Moen Tunnel” in the cave at the end. Obtained after defeating the boss of this labyrinth, Scaled Hybrid.

The Rusted Anchor belongs to the Great Axe family and can be held in one or both hands. The combat skill “Barbaric Roar” can be used to increase attack power, and heavy attacks will become barbaric triple-hit.

Double-headed sword (combat skill: whirling slash)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Dragon’s Breath Ruins

Go east from the original “The Beginning of Guidance” or “Drifting Graveyard”, to the south of Lake Aguirre, you can find the “Dragon’s Breath Ruins”, look for the passage to the basement, this weapon is in the treasure chest in the basement. Note that there are two basements here, the fake one will be ambushed by rats, and once you open the treasure chest, you will be teleported to the high-level tunnel maze; the real one is located in the wall where you must ride a horse to jump into the wall.

The double-headed sword can be wielded alone or with both hands, but its strength is better when it is held in both hands, because both light attacks and heavy attacks are all-round slashing. The combat skill “Spinning Slash” can slash around at high speed in a circle, which is very useful in multiplayer battles.

Hound Tooth (Combat Skill: Hound Sword Skill, Cumulative Hemorrhage Scale 55)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: The Sealed Prison of the Masterless Iron Dog

Go southeast from the original “Beginning of Guidance” or “Drifting Graveyard”, and you will find a circular relic “The Sealed Prison of the Iron Dog without an Owner”. After activating the central mechanism, you can fight the leader “Hound Knight Darryl”. . This weapon can be obtained after defeating.

The Hound Fang has an extremely wide attack range and the same speed as the Great Sword. The combat skill “Hound Sword Skill” is a special move that first cuts forward and then flips back. If a heavy attack follows, the protagonist can dodge (invincible on the way) and rush forward to make up for the knife.

Cross Naginata (Combat Skill: Penetration, Cumulative Bleeding Scale 50)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Gale Tunnel

Go south from the “Corruption Terrace” and find the entrance to the cave where two soldiers are guarding. After entering, follow the walls and look for the platform in a clockwise direction to jump down. After the end, you can find “Gail’s Tunnel” the blessed location. Go to the cave and look for the habitat of the big octopus. After clearing all the enemies, you can get this weapon in the bones in the cave.

The cross naginata belongs to the spear type, but the first strike of a light attack is a top-down slash, followed by a thrust. The combat technique “penetration” is a move that stores energy and then steps forward to stab, which can break through the enemy’s defense.

Reverse stabbing (combat skills: reverse stabbing blood blade, cumulative bleeding scale 41)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: East of the “Mengliu Shore” at the northern point of Lake Yaquier

Go east from the blessed location “North of Lake Akir” to the “Mengliu” river, and go north along the river to encounter the “Blood Finger” invasion, which can be obtained after defeating it. There will be blood finger hunter “Ella” to help in this battle, so the overall difficulty is not high, make sure you have enough blood to last until the end.

The combat technique “Reverse Bloodblade” is a long-range attack, and it can be fired continuously until the FP is exhausted. For non-magical characters, it is very useful in the early stage. The only pity is that the slashing distance of the weapon is too short.

Secret Pata Sword (Combat Skill: Unstoppable Blade)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Hall of the Round Table, defeat Albelich the Mad Tongue

After going to the Great Blessing “Round Table Hall”, you will find a two-story hall on the left side of the knight, jump down to the lower floor and walk forward, and you will encounter the intruder “Crazy Tongue Alberich” at the end. After killing him, you can get this weapon on a certain bed in the barracks room on the same floor.

The Secret Pata Sword is a special weapon of the Holy Attribute of the “Fist” type, and requires 30 Faith to display its true power and combat skills. The combat technique “Unstoppable Blade” is a straight-line dash type, and as its name suggests, this attack cannot be blocked. This weapon belongs to a special category, and requires the use of “Colorless Forging Stone” to increase its level.

Winged Scythe (Combat Skill: Angel Wings, Cumulative Bleeding Scale 55)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Ruins of the Lingmiao Wilderness

Go southeast from the ruins in front of the checkpoint, cross the “Sacrifice Bridge” in the south, and then arrive at the “Forest Watchtower”, then keep going west (you will pass the “Lingmiao Wilderness Underground Cemetery” blessing point on the way), and arrive at the “Lingmiao Wilderness”. ruins”. Find a staircase leading to the basement, after killing two enemies in the basement, open the stone door and enter the secret room, you can get the indoor treasure chest.

The sickle-type weapon is slightly slower but has a wide horizontal range. The combat technique “Angel Wings” is a two-hit combo. The special effect can prevent the opponent from using the Holy Grail of Recovery, so it is also very useful in dealing with intruders, whether it is a computer or a player. . This weapon belongs to a special category, and requires the use of “Colorless Forging Stone” to increase its level.

Night Cavalry Flail (Combat Skill: Rotary Chain, Cumulative Bleeding Scale 50)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Moen City (in front of the city walls)

In the blessed location “Moen City (in front of the city wall)” in front of Moen City, after resting until night, you will see the boss “Dark Knight” walking by on the side road, and you can get it after killing him.

The ability of the night cavalry flail is not far from the flail obtained on the “Ruins before the level” carriage, and the combat skills are also the same. Put the weapon in front of you and keep spinning, and then light or heavy attack can make a combo. The night cavalry flail is heavy on dexterity. If the character is mainly dexterous, it is better to use this weapon than the flail.

Big Turtle Shell (Combat Skill: Iron Wall Shield Defense)

Elden Ring
Elden Ring
Location: Moen City (in front of the city wall) High Platform Point

Cross the Sacrifice Bridge in the south to the Weeping Peninsula, and continue along the road to the south. On the way, you can open the “Moen City (in front of the city wall)” blessing location. The ascending cyclone can be found in the southeast of the place. After riding near the jump, the protagonist will be bounced to the top of a high tower. After a little jump, you can reach the top of the tower. You can get this shield at the skeleton.

The large turtle shell can improve the recovery speed of energy. Like the middle shield, it has 100% physical defense, but the flame and holy resistance are slightly worse. Pay attention when dealing with related bosses in the later stage. The combat skill “Iron Wall Shield Defense” can temporarily increase the toughness of the shield, and can defend against enemy attacks that are difficult to resist with ordinary medium shields. However, for players who like to use the “shield counter”, perhaps the “block” of the general shield (which can block the enemy’s attack and stun the opponent) will be more suitable.

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